Are you even listening to me?

Fuck this, why am I bothering?

I know you don't want to talk,

And I know you probably hate me,

Probably? PROBABLY?! Definitely!

But could you at least give me the respect of listening to me?

Just stop moving away and listen! You don't even have to look at me.

Don't look at me. I don't want see the rage in your eyes.

Things don't have to go down like this.

I don't want you as my enemy.

Hell, I don't want you as my enemy. But I don't want you as my friend either.

I was trying to help,

Not hurt you.

Fat load of good helping you did me. I should have let you rot.

I know you think you'd have been better off without me but,

Would you have preferred it if I had let them pick you apart?

Why am I asking this? I know the answer.

Could you please answer me?


You didn't have to be so damned selfless.

Selfless? More like selfish. And I don't hate you. I never did. You just bug me.

I'm not the type to go with the flow,

Just to keep from getting picked on.

I go against the flow. Why should I go with it?

I can fight for myself with what I have in my head.

I don't need the "right" clothes or the "right" people.

You thought I'd be your best friend if you "helped" me into the "right" groups. You were wrong.

The "wrong" people are my friends.

I don't want to be cool, I want to be me.

I especially don't want to be cool if it means being your friend.

You can help me now,

And this would be a huge favor,

Not only a favor, but also a relief

Leave me alone!