When life hits hard,

We try to understand why things happen.

We try to make sense of tragedies

But we cannot find answers.

Death is never quite understood.

We are never as devastated as when we encounter the sorrow that follows the loss of a friend.

As human beings, we tend to complain about the littlest things that may seem impossible to cope with.

But when compared to the death of a friend,

Our problems seem small and silly.

We have our entire lives to go to school, fall in love and take chances.

We must live to the fullest and try twice as hard each day to make up for those that did not get the chance.

They say the good die young and I believe this to be true.

This past weekend, we lost a close friend and schoolmate.

It will impact the rest of our days.

For today and the rest of our lives

We will remember Jeremy Tucker,

A boy who never got the opportunity.

Rest in peace Jeremy.

Fly high angel.