The boiling tar
Feels good on our bare feet
Hand in hand
Step by step
We can walk away on
'Anywhere But There' Street

Not a care in the world
Never knowing how far is too far
Let's make our own love song
Or listen to the
Sunray's hypnotic silent voice
And slap our feet to the beat on
The boiling tar

We don't know where we are
And don't know who we'll meet
As long as we keep on keeping on
We know how far we can see
On the long road of
'Anywhere But There' Street

Let go of the wheel
Forget the car
Let's just cruise by walk
The tires would melt, anyway on
The boiling tar

Sing with your body
On the boiling tar
And I'll dance to your melody
On the concrete
And we'll be on our way down
'Anywhere But There' Street

A Love Song.