Here's the story of Marvin the drunk,

Who wanted to become a Buddhist monk.

He drank all day and drank all night,

But studied Buddha's life by the afternoon light.

The way to relax was to sit and say ummmm,

His friends would walk by and call him dumb.

One day Marvin cracked and beat his friends up,

Hitting them in the head with a ten pound cup.

Now he knew what he needed do,

He went back inside and wrote a haiku.

Marvin wrote he was sorry and started to cry,

And said he never meant for them to die.

He dug a hole to put them in,

And went to the temple to confess his sin.

The word soon spread about Marvin the drunk,

And the way he killed those dumb punks.

Next time don't hate when someone's odd,

You might just have an early appointment with God.