In A Destroyed Future

I see a hole in the sky

Burning the creatures down below,

As it expands and grows.

I see a vision of a barren world

Submerged in ignition of the Devils anger.

I see a field of grass

Turned brown from scorn,

Withering—and then dying.

I see This go up in flames,

As humanity burns red, in hot temper,

While our skeletons rot in a place unknown.

I see my Kinsmen, my blood

Weep, tears of vitality, in hunger

for food, for water, for a happiness

They would never ever know.

I see them in a destroyed future.

Where the earth bleeds in broken dryness

Where the sun beats heavy, on the backs of men

Where the sky churn in angry horror

Where the creatures are cremated in the sins of man.

June 8, 2006

Sherry Zeng