Summary: Star fits in with the popular crowd, she dislikes everyone un popular. One day she is forced to work with a goth who is beat up by the popular people. Will he make her see what he sees?

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Chapter 1: Science Partner

Star laughed loudly letting her hair slide off her shoulders as she walked down the hall with her best friends Chloe and Jill. They were talking and laughing and reminiscing about last year's semi formal at their high school. "Did you See Sarah Garrets goofy pink cloud she called a dress last year?!" Jill asked disgusted, walking in between Star and Chloe.

"Who could forget?" Star asked wiping a piece of auburn hair from her eyes.

The halls at school were practically deserted at this time. First period class was in session. Luckily for the three friends that period was a spare for them. "Yikes… I hope Brian doesn't ask me to the semi like he tried to year." Chloe commented remembering in disgust.

"Brian Howard? EW!" Jill replied before adding, "What a dirt bag!"

Star looked down and smiled shaking her head vigorously at the thought of such a thing.

Star was a kind hearted person… when she wanted to be. Around her friends she chose to be like them, rude and stuck-up. The three girls were involved in the more popular crowd of people. To be exact, they were the most popular crowd of people at the high school and in the area. They had a few other friends such as the Football team and the cheerleading squad on their side as well. They only focused on two main things in high school, gossip and staying away from losers that could possibly spoil their reputations.

"Well the only person that could be worse than Brian Howard would have to be Charley Haven." Chloe said looking straight at Jill.

Charley was a person that was picked on a lot in their popular group. He was considered crazy because he had a very unique talent no one believed he truly had. It was impossible honestly. He claimed he was psychic and could tell the near future. A few years ago he used to be really open about being psychic abilities to his friend Luke Hart. Luke became amazed and decided to tell people about it.

As word got around, and how quickly it did travel around that school, he ended up being asked by the football team to show off his talents. Charley had refused them and in the end, he got beat up a lot more than usual.

He was said to have been put on prescription medication in his first and second year at Greenleaf High School, but he stopped quite recently and no one knew why, people merely suspected he was taken off his medication.

He was a gothic kid rarely anyone had the nerve to talk to. He let his short dark brown hair grow out to below his chin and he always looked tired. Star saw him around but tried to avert her eyes from him, staring at Goths was a no-no as far as she was concerned.

"Chloe, don't bring Charley up. You know how much I hate him!" Jill replied looking annoyed.

"Why?" Star asked, Jill usually didn't hate people unless their was a reason, she usually just disliked them.

"No reason, other than I went out with him in grade nine thinking he was hot. He's a total spaz… All he does is talk about things that I could care less about. I broke up with him the day after he told me not to hang around the cheerleaders and the football players. He was totally trying to take me away from my true friends!" Jill said soundly completely disgusted.

Star looked at her quickly. "I forgot about that relationship. I never really saw you two together so it completely slipped my mind." Star laughed.

"That's a blessing." Jill said flipping her long red hair over her shoulder.

"I have Science with him next period. I had no idea he was that bad. All I really knew about him was that he was quiet and never answered anything in class." Star replied to Jill's comment.

"Just be careful… I hear his medication was to stop him from spazing out and going psycho on people. He could be dangerous." Chloe warned melodramatically.

The bell signaling second period was about to begin rang. "Well, looks like you're the lucky girl who gets to go see Charley in first. Have fun with freak-show!" Jill said walking with Chloe to Math class.

Star rolled her eyes and waved heading down the next hall. Star smiled at some of the football players that were coming down the hall. Sam Travers, the lead quarterback nudged her arm on purpose. She shot a flirty smile back. This was a typical day for Star. She drank in all the attention from anyone worthy of her time. "Star! Star! Could we have a word with you?" A girl called.

Star looked back. Her expression grew into the look one gets when sucking on a lemon. The girl shouting at her was Daisy Blemkie. Also known as Daisy Blemish, from all the zips, pimples and blemishes seen on her face. She was almost beyond unpopular. "Could I have a word-?" The girl was cut off when Star turned on her heel and simply said. "No!"

Star shook her head and couldn't believe this. No one of that level was even allowed to speak to the dirt on her shoe, she was more than that.

Her class room was just ahead. She took a left and walked inside.

Star sat at her desk. She was one of four that got in there first. No one in her Science class was in her crowd so she often only worked alone in that class. She tired of watching the door and pulled out her compact mirror from her designer purse she always wore. She looked into the silver and blue rimmed eyes of her reflection. She fixed her beautifully pampered auburn hair. She hated when she didn't look perfect. She closed the mirror and slipped it into her purse. Setting her purse on the ground beside her she went back to staring out the door in wonder of where her teacher was. She was hoping he wasn't going to show up today. He was very strict with her, not to mention she would be able to skip if she had a supply.

Suddenly a blur of dark brown hair caught her eye. There he came, His head pointed to the floor, the many chains dangly from his black jeans, unmistakably, it was Charley Haven. His eyes shot towards her through Smokey black rimes. The only thought running through her head was 'Guys shouldn't wear eyeliner, it was just wrong!' Star felt the force of his stair and quickly averted her own eyes to the top of her grayish-white desk. It was hard to believe a person of his reputation could force away her gaze.

He sat in the back corner by the window as usual. She usually never had to see him from here so it was a perfect place for him since she sat several rows away and a few desks up. Star looked back at him once more. He was opening up his binder. He looked up at her as if he knew she was staring at him. Charley didn't back out of the stare, she almost expected him to. He looked at her as if he found her an interesting specimen. Star looked down and pretended to be looking for something in her purse. Footsteps caught her attention.

"Alright class, I've finished up rounding your marks." Stars teacher announced walking into class. Oh God… Star thought. "There are a few of you I'd like to speak to." He said grabbing Stars attention.

Star felt her shoulders sink slightly. She knew she wasn't doing well in this class, she didn't have the time or patience to do any of the work for this class. She didn't have the feeling for it for one and for second, she had better things to do with her time. After all, it was precious. "Miss Lucas, could I have a word with you first?" Stars teacher asked her.

Star knew she didn't have to be Charley Haven to see this coming. Star sighed and walked up to his desk. Star was relieved when the class began chatting rather than listening to her conversation with the teacher about her marks. This was already humiliating enough. "You do realize your failing this course. I really don't see how you're expecting to go through nursing school if you can't understand chemical formulas and other units in the course." Her teacher said sounding disappointed.

Star knew she had to sweet talk her way out of this one. She was good at this at least. "Yes Mr. Richards…. I've just been having trouble in this class. Is there anyway I can make up the marks and pass this class? I really want to pass this class, being a nurse is my dream!" Star asked with a pouty expression.

The teacher sighed, giving into her charm. "Well, I have faith that you're a good kid and that you do want to be a nurse, you do however need to pay more attention to the class and do homework with more care. I'll give you a chance but this will mean you'll have to work with someone to get good enough marks to pass this course." Mr. Richards explained.

Star looked back at her class. She needed to find a suitable partner to be seen in public with. Well there was always Mandy Hill. Mandy was smart and a casual student with good looks and a decent style. She was a decent candidate. "All right, what's the project?" Star asked trying to sound uplifted.

"It's your final culminating activity. You can share the same mark with your partner, but you MUST work and you MUST try hard on this. I'll know if you aren't, he'd tell me. I'm not giving anymore breaks out and you can't afford to lose more marks." Mr. Richards explained.

He? Mandy wasn't a he. "Mr. Richards? I was actually hoping to work with Mandy." Star replied a little worried about this whole situation.

All the other guys in the class were either less intelligent people which were unlikely to work with her seeing as how they were also pigs. The intelligent guys were the few she didn't want to associate with anymore than the pigs.

"No, I think working with a student with above average in this course project would benefit you more than working with Mandy, though she's intelligent also. Charley, would you come up here, please?" Mr. Richards asked.

Star felt a chill up her spine. Was the cloud of death hovering over her? She swore she felt it just at the sound of that name. Charley Haven?! God no! "Yes?" Charley asked looking up through his long bangs.

Star had never heard him speak before. His voice was deep but soothing. It was practically unexpected of him. "I wanted you and miss Lucas to work together on your final culminating activity. Would that be all right for you?" Their teacher asked.

Charley and Star locked eyes, and for the first time Star noticed charley had two different colored eyes, one was blue and the other was green. Star looked at him desperately trying to signal him to say no. He was considering in his mind what to do. He didn't remove his gaze from her very distressed looking form. "Sure." He replied finally looking at the ground.

Star felt her heart sink. How could he say yes? "Splendid! You have the rest of the course before you have to complete your exams to finish. Here are your instructions for the project, and away you god. Good luck!" Mr. Richards said holding out a white sheet of paper.

Charley didn't make a move o take it from him. Star lazily reached out to grab the paper from her teacher. "Thanks for your help Mr. Richards." Star said with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

Her teacher nodded. "You two can work together in class if you want, but only for today." He said checking off the attendance.

Charley walked to the back window and grabbed his binder. Star was thinking over and over in her mind how uncool this was, to be paired with him. It appeared to be one of her only thoughts.

Star sat at her desk looking very unenthusiastic. She held the paper up to read it. They were writing a huge essay about the reactions that can occur between fire and water. The object of their assignment was to a show an experimentation of how water and fire can help each other solve a problem despite their differences.

Something about the fire and water reminded her of Charley and her. It was definite irony and she couldn't deny it, so she didn't mention it. "How are we supposed to do all that? It seems so ridiculous." Star asked Charley.

Charley didn't stare her down; instead her looked down at the paper and read it over again. "We'll have to experiment I guess." He replied lazily.

This is going to be a long semester… Star thought, wishing she could just burry her head.

Star made her way to the Cafeteria at lunch. She passed the many tables. They were all labeled according to appearance.

The first to be seen was the geeks that were somewhat good looking, yet inexcusable for talking to. These ones were said to focus on things like homework and they were cleaner and more understanding of how the popularity stats were.

The next table to be seen was the extreme nerds everyone hated. These ones were the most likely to talk about Star Wars, Star Track, X-men, Batman, anything else you can find in the comic book section. They didn't appear cleanly at all.

The table after that was the table for people that were decent to talk to, yet not good for anything other than school purposes. They were at least in tune with popularity status, cleanliness, and they did whatever the popular people asked.

The table she had always sat at was known as the popular table. Everyone who was anyone sat there. It was in the far end of the cafeteria and it was huge enough for everyone worthy of it.

The last table was only occupied by three people. The first was Lily Kemp, She was an emotional wreck after she witnessed the death of her parents in a gory car accident. Ever since that day she never spoke a word unless it was important. Everyone knew it must have been tragic, but that was no excuse to change in Jill's opinion.

The second person at the table was Ron Seaworth. Ron was a happy average looking kid on the outside, on the inside he was a psychopath worried about the FBI following him everywhere he went. Everyone knew that when he heard the X-Files theme song he'd jump with excitement, feeling Mulder and Scully knew his pain.

The final member of that table was none other than Charley Haven. Charley often sat calmly like he was today, picking under his nails with the provided plastic cafeteria fork. Star looked over at him curiously. He looked up at her casually. His head tilted like a puppy when he saw her looking at him so intently. She could have sworn she saw a smile creep across his face ever so slightly.

"STAR? Hello?" Chloe asked breaking her stare. "Stop fantasizing! Come sit with the normal people!"

Star smiled and sat down beside Jill. "What's wrong Star? You seem uptight." Jill whispered.

"Nothing Jill, I'll tell you tomorrow." Star replied digging into her Caesar salad.

Charley looked up to see Star sitting down with the popular crowd of people. He looked down at the nail he had been picking at. "What's wrong Charley?" Ron had asked him.

Charley looked at him. "I'm just looking at my Science partner. She's a mixed up girl. Thinks she has to impress people all the time. It's pitiful." Charley commented to Ron who was now staring at him intently.

"Who is she?" Ron asked scanning the table.

"Star Lucas." Charley replied .

"Do you like… Sense anything weird coming from her?" Ron asked him with a paranoid look.

Charley looked at him swiftly. "I've told you over and over again… I'm not psychic. It's just a rumor." Charley said setting his fork down with a loud slap.

Charley sighed. He didn't want the rumors to start up again so he kept it all to himself. It was a stupid move to tell everyone back then. Charley was glad he wasn't so free spirited like back then. "No need to get all tense, I'm just saying, if the truth is out there then you have to tell me, I might be the only one who can help you." Ron whispered.

"Ron…" Charley said.

"Yes?" He answered taking a bit of his sandwich.

"No more X-Files." Charley said.

Lily silently nodded in agreement. Rom looked down disappointed. Charley placed his hand on the ring that hung from his neck. His grandmother's wedding ring.

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