I signed up for the army a few days ago
They asked me lots of questions and took my photo.
This is no joke, they said to me,
You do know that you might have to leave.

A few weeks have passed and nothing's been heard
All though, to tell the truth, I wasn't concerned.

I decided today that I want to stay
Went to my church and started to pray.
The tears slowly made their way down my cheeks
Leaving shadows of dirty steaks.

Today I woke with a bad feeling in my chest,
Heard the phone ring and my heart felt distressed.
'Hello," I heard, "It is your time'
You can't forget, this is wartime.

So say goodbye, in case you forget,
And tell your family not to fret.
Tell them you will be home soon,
And remember, you both see the same moon.

Six months have passed, and now I'm home,
Feeling the pain of the soilders on the roam.

I know for a fact that I'm here for good,
Going back is not something I could.