The water engulfed her, dragging her body down into the darkness. She felt the cold sink in, her body helpless in the struggle to resurface, her lungs screaming for air, but she was calm. Every last part of her was calm.

She opened her eyes, staring almost with an indifferent sadness, at the surface and the shape of the sun clear on the water. The waves took the image and moved it to a fro, like a wind that wished to carry it away but didn't know where to go.

Is this what it's like, she thought tiredly, to die? It's cold, it's dark, and I'm alone but I'm also waiting. Waiting for something more.

As she was dragged down memories flashed through her mind; the days from her child hood in the trees to the days of the burning came like fire, but they lingered like snow. She smiled realizing that she'd accomplished what she'd wished for, but hadn't met the standards that she'd wanted there after.

So is this all that I was made for, to die? Tell me Tiga, why me? Why did I have to born if only to become a part of a war that I never wanted in the first place? Yamu cannot tell me, Tiga, those who have died cannot tell me, but they will linger far longer than your legends. If it were possible she would have started crying. Her emerald eyes were beginning to droop and her lungs were finally giving out. How did it go, your song of the sea?

She began to mouth the words of the lullaby she'd learned early in her childhood:

Dear child, you have done no wrong

But because of peace you must be gone

And to the sea you shall sail, sail away

To the sea to drown for peace, this is the only way

Darkness incased her vision as a line, the last of them, lingered on her lips.

To the sea to drown for peace, this is the only way…

The giant wolf watched the water with saddened eyes, flickering gold in the sunlight. A gust of wind ruffled his white fur as he lifted his muzzle and howled deeply into the wind, a mournful sound that had the forest shaking to its roots.

"So it seems the future's been chosen," A voice said behind him, tired from her tears. He turned his head to see the wind child, her blond hair long as the sky, kissing the earth with its ends. Over her was a animal skin to keep her warm from the chill of the wind. "The war, her war, is over and it seems as though we've lost."

He looked at her before answering, "She won, she may not have been able to live to see it, but she'd won. Her forest will sing her story as it heals, letting the wind carry it to the world we do not know of. Maybe there she'll find peace."

"It's not fair, Yamu, that she was chosen," She whispered bitterly.

"It's never fair, the subject of death, but she had long since accepted it when she watched the burning from the desert." He gave a crooked smile, while beginning to walk away from her.

"It was her dream," Her voice called out causing Yamu to come to a stop. He turned to her curiously and she took that as a signal to continue. "To stay alive, I mean."

"It's everybody's dream," Yamu said tiredly, the toll of the days battle reflecting in his eyes. As he walked away he could have sworn her say something, but shook his head. He was getting too old to continue to believe in the happiness of the future.

Myuka stared after him with sad eyes, before turning to the water and felt the hollowness of her heart grow.

"So, Zakura, looks like in the end, you won. But why is it that when you win, you lose, too?" She shook her head, a single tear dropping from her eyes. "Rest in peace my friend, the world owes you that much, at least."

With that, Myuka turned the direction that Yamu had taken and walked away without another glance back. Looks like there would finally be peace.

She was a prodigy, the day she, was born

Her soul was free, nobody could see, a future forlorn

Her mothers' tears, her fathers' fears, they didn't exist

That perfect smile, that glorious child, would soon be missed

I'm so sorry, forgive me, I was just too late

But that child's gone; she won't be home, a twisted fate

Am I too late, to say good-bye?