She died while she was sleeping,
And I know what they'll all say
It was peaceful
There was no pain
The family was glad that no suffering passed.

The easy way out is not thinking about
What struggle we make to live
How good a brand new day tastes
The welcome of soft beds
If it were so easy to let go
If it were so easy to move on
Why don't you take me too?

So safe to assume
That she died while softly dreaming
That death carried her away gently
And angels saw her through

Would you miss hanging out
Underneath the stars?
Is it such a bother to work towards a future
Where one might imagine
Close friends and
Cosy dwellings
Filled with love?

She died while she was sleeping,
And I wonder if it's ok
To say what you think she would have liked
Or what she would have said
To declare an easy passing
Without ever knowing
Without every going
Down that sleepless path she went.