Reminder: Very strong sexual content, use of description words, and for fear of under-doing it, a lot of drugs, and information. This is strictly a fictional piece, it has no truth to it, except for minor accounts. THANKS! And continue on with the story)

Targeting Youth

Anxiously, and feverishly, I was darting around my room, picking up, throwing out, dusting, vacuum, anything to pass time.

Time check


Three hours until school, thats it… thats all I have left…

I stepped off for a minute, and sat down on a wooden chair in my room, now finely polished. I went through my bottom drawer, and pulled out a small personal mirror, that I got at a wedding once. One, two three, crack. I split the little orange half, spreading its bead-like insides out, and got a bill and a lighter, and began crushing them.

I felt like some shaman, or something like that, grinding my herbs, and such. I was creating the continuance of energy, flowing through my blood right now. The creator and her creation…


Here comes the raw part.

Are you ready?

No time like the present… -sniiiiffffff-

Epp eppp! –gasp-

Breath out/Ahhhhh


The doctor is in

Chapter one

Under the Stairs

On my way to school that morning, I had 3 more little orange pills left, and I was already on 5, and a night of no sleep, no eating for two days. I was afraid of the crash, and wanted to make these three last, atleast until I could get my hands on more. This would be the true challenge at hand. Calling all hustlers! All hustlers at Sothern high! Meet me! Anywhere convenient, for a nice pick up. I'll make it worth your while!

The text message was sent. I was new to South High, and the first day I stood on pavement steps, I started asking around for pops, and uppers, downers, mixers, wowzers, anything to make a feeling fly…

I met a bunch of people. I didn't care for.

And I continued the cycle of my last school…and I think maybe the school before that too. I had been a senior for two years now…you can always find the best drugs in high school, and meet the best connections. Since all high school teens ever thought about was sexual activity, it was easy to get what I wanted, and I always got it…

I was waiting under a staircase, to a dead end, when Roy showed up. A regular horny beast. He was very seductive though…There was something I never minded about him…

He stood there with his back against the wall…legs crossed over…smirk, and I felt hot. I thought about just taking him right there, but there was business to be dealt with…I walked over, casually, making myself proper for once…until I got up close.

"Girl, you need to calm down…" there was a calmness in his deep tone, and I just gave a small smile. I nodded
"It's a tough crash…I think I'll die"
"You won't die, but you might be hospitalized…"
"Fuck that, not if I can help it…"
"Girl…" he said shaking his head left to right with a frown upon his face.
"Well… I can make you a lot happier if you can make me happy."

I smiled and he shook his head again, but a small smile appeared on his lips, plump, and sensual as they are.
I slid my fingers up the back of his neck, and down his back, around his waist, and down the back of his pants, sliding them around his waist to the front, and unbuckling his belt, button, zipper…

I knew what he liked, because on more than fingers can count, we've done fun things like this, and I got what I needed, and this horny bastard was more than satisfied. After all, what kind of guy wouldn't love to be pleasured after lunch, and go to class…? I slipped his pants down the floor, and stepped one leg in-between his, groping him softly but enough to cause a rise in his blood pressure. His head leaned back and a slight look of satisfaction came upon his face.

He stopped me…and took a serious face.

"Lets fuck…"

I shook my head and waved a finger at him. "You know I don't do that. Besides its for your pleasure, not mine. I get what I need, you get what you need."
"Yeah, but I think after a month of hand jobs, and sucking we would have moved up by now…or should I say…down."
I smiled, but I didn't mean it…
"Look, this is the service I offer…take it or leave it."

He sighed and let go have my hand, to let me continue on…