Three days later
I was beginning to feel the boredom of life settle on me once again. I haven't been this bored since I was on speed and had nothing to clean…so I sat and stared at the wall… I wasn't even remotely sure if I was alive anymore. I couldn't tell you what day it was…I could care less what time it is. I usually know by looking at the sun. The sky tells you everything if you really think about it. It's everything we look up to.

It wasn't as if I ever really cared much. My parents were simple people, and I put forth no blame. They raised me right, and that's that. So one day when im dead and gone, I don't want anyone to blame them for my crazy lifestyle. They only wanted the best for me. I only wanted the opposite. It's hard to even say why…but I decided to go for a drive.

It was about 7:30pm and I could tell this by the sunset…It was about to set soon, and drifting quickly. I don't know why, but this time of day, is my favorite time of day to drive. Just before night time, the sun shimmers differently off of my car and in the horizon the sun blinds my eyes, as I race to the next red light. The weather is perfect at this time in the summer. Light techno playing in the background; my window is down, and the wind whips my white beater around…lightly playing with my dark brown hair…

"FUCK!" I yelled as I had to put my moment on pause, the only true moment I've had in a while, of just plain peace. I slammed the breaks, and came to a halt, because some stupid fuck ran out in the middle of the street. I turned the corner to see who it was that was almost street sweeper debris…and I stopped. My heart skipped a beat, and began to jump faster…

"Hello Stranger…" A boy said as he stepped up to my window.

I didn't know what to do. To say. I was stuck..simply nothing would come out.

"Wow, have I stumped you for the first time ever? I didn't think there'd ever be a time you couldn't talk Mills.."

He was right.
I always had something to say…but…
And it continued on like that…silence, until he walked away.

Am I hallucinating? What is going on here? I…must just…need sleep.

I put the car in drive and slowly rode home. That was enough excitement for one day…what was going on? Post-traumatic stress? I've heard of these things before…but why would I see Andrew?

Hes supposed to be dead.

school; the 4th day since being home

I was trying to give up thoughts about Andrew for what seems like a lifetime. I needed to get away for the day. I don't think I can stomach this shit anymore. That's when I saw him…

"Miranda..." he cooed in a soft voice, almost apologetic.
"What do you want scumbag?" I raised my voice at Roy.
"Can we talk?"

"Come with me…" I pulled him by the arm, and led him back to the doors of school, stomping as I went, and led him to the alley way where I was parked. I got in the car, and turned it on, waiting for him to get in. He stepped in, sat down, and became eerily quiet.

"Well?... What have you got to say?" I asked.
"About…" he began to say something, but I cut him off…
"Don't wanna hear it. You're a scumbag. You made me do all that shit with you, just so you could rat me out. That's fuckin cool…"

At this point I was in total control…but…I was wrong.


And there was a loaded pistol at my head.
"Are…you…fucking…KIDDING!?" I spat.
"no. I need you to do me a favor."