Tales from an Optimistic Pessimist


By Snekochan

I hate student council. I hated it in grade six when I moved to a school that had it, I hated it when I went to the area's combination junior and high school. I hated the stupid "Spirit Days" on Fridays where you were expected to come to school dressed to match some stupid theme or idea, like 'bad-hair day' (I had a permanent one. No problem there), 'pyjama day'(Uh-uh. I refuse to wear bed clothes to school), 'jersey day' (Sports jerseys, not the cows. Pity…), etc. So how was it, that after four years of steadily hating the very institution, I ended up on the student council?

Being considered a serious (It's true. They think I'm serious.), responsible student has some major drawbacks… which is how I ended up outside a large garage on a blustery Tuesday afternoon.

A Christmas parade.

I didn't even know there was one. Now I had to help work on a float. That was a very…interesting adventure in itself. (I permanently terrified all my fellow student council members by cracking off the bottom branches of our Christmas tree -barehanded- so it would fit in a stand (it never did). Seriously people. Big deal! Then there was the tinsel incident, and the boxes, and the branches, and the wrapping paper tubes…) Finally, two hours later, (After bickering with my best-friend-to-be, Awanchan) I found myself outside with the two who were giving me a ride home. Board and very hyper after the whole (pathetic) float thing, we found ourselves deciding to race to the far wall. Feet pounding across the unpaved parking lot, we laughed, our breath turning into silvery clouds in the dusk. I was in the lead (By all of a foot too! I'm such a slow runner it's not funny. In a movie, I'd be one of the first one's x-ed off.) Unfortunately, I spotted a large (ice covered) pot hole directly ahead. Quickly, I glanced over my shoulder to see if I could cut around it without knocking one of the others over.

My foot hooked in a rock.

Never look back.


Gravel makes a very uncomfortable landing surface, I must say. I said I was fine and went to the tiny bathroom inside to pick the rocks out of my hand (left, of course- I'm left handed). After I'd cleaned it up as best I could, I went out and got the ride home, joking with the others and ignoring the burning in my hand. I was lucky, I decided. I had both decided not to wear my coat while running, which was good (if I has, I would've been impaled by my scissors, hammer, screwdriver… yeah. I was a regular tool kit) and I had worn my red hoodie. No blood stains! When I got home, my mom brought me upstairs to get me cleaned up. (Rubbing alcohol. OW! That hurt more than the stupid fall) Which is when we discovered I had taken a gouge out of my elbow. For about an inch, there was just…a hole. (I never feel cuts like that. I did something similar to my knee). When my did got off work, we went to get it patched up (and to get the gravel removed from my hand). I was fine. It didn't actually hurt. It was just kinda messy.

So that's what I got from joining student council. It marked me! But do I regret joining it? Not a chance! We never do anything, and we disappear at Grad, but it's got its moments!

Besides. Never look back. There're always good things to be found. We can't change the past. All we can do is look ahead and cherish the present!