You can't brake the broken

And you can't fix the forgotten.

You cant put people down

Who've spent a lifetime on the ground.

You cant repair long term harm

Can't erase the scars from his arm.

You cant pretend to suddenly care

If the reason for him to accept it was never there.

You cant act like you do now - because its too late

His whole life he's been shown nothing but hate.

But you should have done something, you should have tried

Yet instead it was you who caused him to cry.

Inside you didn't mean it and inside it wasn't true

All that mattered to him was your beatings, black and blue.

You could have fixed it.

You could have done good.

Instead you irritated matters.

Instead you pushed him away.

And now you cant pull him back

So you stand and watch him fade to black.

Selfish feelings of sudden regret flood your mind

'I wish I had done something, I wish I was kind.'

Yet you never did and things got worse

Rather than do the right thing you treated him like a curse.

Those hateful words you spoke hurt him even more

And now you left him there, bleeding on the floor.

You put him there and you stopped him from rising

Whilst inside this act for your false friends, getting so tiring.

Yet it didn't matter then and it doesn't matter now

You'd have stopped it reaching here long ago, if you had known how.

So you listened to them and you took it too far

You ignored his pleas for help as you left him on the tar.

You left him there like that because that's the way it is

Otherwise you'd face that life of neglect formally known as his.

You should have stopped them, stopped yourself, you should have turned around

Instead you kept on walking, you never saw him slowly rise from the ground.

You got too far away wrapped up in your thoughts, you never heard him scream

You never knew he screamed what he vowed to do, and no one else could have seen.

But if you had turned round maybe you could have done something

Because if you had done then maybe you could have saved him.

Instead he slowly made it home, and was left there alone

And as the blood poured from his wrists his life drained.

He felt happier now than any time, now was his happiest

If only you'd have acted sooner; he'd have know this wasn't his best.

As he left you for good, he ignored the ringing of that phone

You should have said it sooner because he ignored it, had to be alone.

That call was where you finally said you're sorry.

He never answered that phone.

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