The (not-so) Interesting Tale of "Interesting Pig"!

Part 1

"Hahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahah!" laughs Not-Interesting girl, arch nemesis of Interesting Pig. "I have captured the little black blob that was on the floor!" Taking a closer look, she realizes that it is in reality : *dun dun dun!* Interesting Pig! (Interesting Pig is a guinea pig, btw)

She shrieks and drops the ever-interesting creature onto the floor, where he interestingly squeaks. "Interesting Pig!"

Interesting Pig doesn't laugh, in fact, he doesn't do much of anything. He sits quietly on the floor where she dropped him.

"Aren't you gonna do something? I thought you were interesting!" All that interesting pig does is sniff in her direction.

This makes Not-Interesting girl angry. "I'm supposed to piss people off by destroying interesting things! You're NOT helping me do my job here..."

Take a wild guess as to what interesting pig does. If you guessed nothing: you're wrong! He sits and looks at her as if he can see through her or can't see far enough to see through her.

"Interesting pig," she is very angry now... "Do something!"

He does! He looks at the sofa.

She grabs him and holds him upside-down while shouting incoherently at him to DO something. Amazingly, he does. Well, not really amazingly, seeing as she was shaking him and holding him upside-down...Anyway...

He bites her. Hard. Hard enough to draw blood and reveal what he really is: A VAMPIRE!