"When are Seth and Zack gonna get here?" Julian asked, impatiently dancing circles around my room. I glanced at my watch.

"They're supposed to be here in like, two minutes."

"I miss my boyfrieeend!" Julian whined, flopping onto my bed and crossing her arms. I sighed and rolled my eyes. Young relationships. Eugh.

Ten minutes later, the door to my room flung open. The first thing I saw was two flurries of dark hair as Julian and Seth jumped into each other's arms. I rolled my eyes again and gave Zack a hug.

And that's when I noticed…him.

"Hi, Sam."

"Um…hi, Will…"

That was the first time I'd heard his voice in a month and a half; since he'd decided that, to save his own skin, despite the fact that I was one of his very best friends, he'd simply have to toss me to the side and forget me. I had been so convinced that he'd done it so easily, but there he was…standing right in front of me.

I honestly could not believe it.

"Hey guys," Julian said, breaking the blank stare I had fixed on the boy, "Jackass is on! Let's go to the living room and watch it!"

She left the room with Seth and Will, but I held Zack behind.

"What's going on here? How did you do it?"

He smirked back at me.

"If I died, I seriously don't think that he would even come to my funeral. Is this a dream?"

"No, Sammi, it's not a dream. It took so much convincing to get him to come here, but I did it."

For the next few minutes he rattled off the list of favors he had had to do. As he neared the end of the list, my door cracked open, and there stood Will. I flung my arms around him and he hugged me back, and I knew that finally he had realized that I had always been there for him and always would be. Finally things were going to go back to normal.

My eyes opened.

I stared at my ceiling in shock and utter disappointment.

But Zack had told me…

I turned over, pulled the covers up over my head, and cried.

What a cruel, cruel joke.