The Return

Ok this is a very, very short chapter, but its, uh only a prologue so yeah...Anyhow this is part of my series, if people Read and Review Ill add on to it so here it goes.

People say that we all grow old to die, that death is our inevitable fate and that we can't escape it. But, what if those words didn't apply to everyone, and that maybe we could live forever…

Darkness, the room was bathed in it, yet the hooded figures made their way easily through it, constantly maintaining their pace and single file line. They entered another chamber and formed a semicircle around a large altar. Once they were seated a single flame emerged from the top of altar and one of the hooded figures stood at the top of it, the flames danced neatly in front of him.

"Brothers and sisters," he called "Members of this order"

They were silent

"Remove your hoods and join me in tonight's meeting"

There was a gentle ruffle as hoods were pulled down, bright green eyes illuminated the room now, they glowed brightly in the darkness.

"It is not often that we gather anymore" He went on "But, the time has come once again that heroes are needed in this war"

There was uneasiness in the crowd and he could feel it.

"Certainly, you remember the last time that this happened your lordship." Said one of the members

"Ah, yes of course" said the lordship "In fact I remember both times it happened"

More uneasiness

"Two times sir?" came another voice "The council has only granted the pact once before."

"The second pact was not released by choice" replied the lordship

"Then how exactly was the pact released?"

"The first pact was responsible"

"Nonsense" came another.

"It does not matter, what does matter is that the tide of this war has shifted to the Radians advantage, the immortals are needed once again, and I believe that it is time that they be taken from their exile on Earth." Replied the lordship.

There was some discussion among the order, the Lordship could hear their whispers. If they knew what he had planned then they would certainly cast down their judgement and he would die, that could not be allowed.

"Your decision, council?" He asked

"After due deliberation we have decided" said the council "we will allow it"

"Excellent" he whispered.