The Phalian frigates began drifting towards the Nexus. The Radian flagship continued to fly towards them without any showable signs of fear. Without warning the Nexus opened fire on the Phalians. Several bright blue streams erupted from it's PDC cannons. Both of the rounds made contact with seperate frigates. Both of the ships buckled and exploded, leaving behind only chunks of scrap metal.

"Open fire now!" Ordered the Phalian general.

The frigates fired their PDC's in unison, the shields of the Nexus flared for a moment and the PDC rounds dissapated, leaving the ship unscathed.

"What the hell?" Murmured Heather "Check the weapon inventory and see what we've got to use against this thing."

"Inventory shows basic Radian weaponry, no wait." The pilot at the computer typed on the keyboard for a few seconds, "Scans indicate that we have two carbon decompression rounds."

Heather grimaced at the mention of the CDR's, also known as planet destroyers. They had been used in the first Radian war to eliminate entire planets when the loss of men would be too high for an invasion. The bombs had killed billions of innocent civilians.

"We can't fire that at this range, we'd destroy every frigate in the fleet." She replied.

"Unless we got it to explode inside the shields of the Nexus, they should be able to hold the blast long enough for a retreat." Replied Ryan.

Heather thought for a moment, "Arm the CDR but and set it at a timed explosion for two minutes after it makes contact."

"Aye ma'am."

She got on the Phalian frequency, "General we need every ship in the fleet to fire everything that they've got at the Nexus at the same time and then retreat. We're going to hit it with a CDR when it's shields go back online."

"You sure you can make the hit?" He asked

"Positive sir."

"All captains and pilots prepare to open fire on the Nexus, hit the bastard with everything you've got and then run like hell!"

The Nexus unleashed another wave of PDC rounds into the Phalians, this time clipping the Shredder.

"Damage report!" Yelled Heather.

"Shields are offline and we've got heavy damage on the right side, cannons two, three, four and five are out of commission and we've lost both right engines."

Heather cursed under her breath, drop all cannons and force power to the shields, wait for my signal to launch the CDR. She could feel the uneasiness on the bridge, without the engines they'd be well within the blast range of the CDR, their lives were in her hands.

As one the Phalian frigates unleashed hell as their every ggun in the fleet fired upon the Nexus. Heather watched as the hields flared brightly and died. "Now!" She ordered.

A bright red stream ejected from the ship and collided with the unprotected hull of the Nexus. The Shredder began moving slowly towards the retreating firgates but was losing round quickly as it moved at a crawl.

The CDR exploded on time, A bright red light emanated from the Nexus and formed a perfect circle around the ship as the blast bounced around inside the shields. After a few seconds the shields died and the blast escaped and the Shredder was engulfed in a bright red light.