Chapter one

Zane emptied the shovel onto the manure spreader and sank it back into the sloppy cow manure. He sighed and wiped the sweat from his brow with his shirt sleeve. He through the last shovelful onto the spreader and stepped out of the barn and into the hot, yet cooler than the barn, sunlight.

The wind cooled him as it blew against his sweaty body. He stood and enjoyed the breeze for a few minutes before going up to the house, before he stepped onto the porch he took his crappy, literally, boots and sat them on beside the porch stairs.

He felt an even greater relief when he stepped into his air conditioned house and kicked back in his recliner. He sat there for a minute just thinking, he almost fell asleep when there came a gentle tap on his shoulder, he turned his head to see his son Isaac looking at him.

"Dad, do you care if I go see a movie with the guys tonight?" he asked.

Zane looked at him for a minute "Be back by midnight" he said.

"Sweet" replied Isaac, without another word he took off for the door, a few minutes later Zane heard Isaacs car start and then he was gone.

Of course Isaac wasn't Zanes real son, he had adopted him when he was a year old, that was sixteen years ago, he'd had a hard time convincing the adoption agent that he was old enough to be a parent, fortunatley he'd been able to provide government documents saying that he was twenty-five, of course he only looked eighteen, and hell, for the most part when people saw him and Isaac together they asked if they were brothers or friends.

It hadn't been long before Isaac had started asking questions about why his dad didn't seem to age, reluctantly Zane had told him, put simply, the boy thought he was insane, but had gradually learned to accept it. He started to believe it when he showed Isaac his old pictures of him and Heather. He and Issac were closer than most kids and parents could be, had to be the youth resemblance.

Zane seldom thought of Phalia anymore, but he still wondered about the rest of the crew, he would never forget them.

Heather watched as the many buildings passed by as she drove home from the office. There was nothing that felt better than driving home after a long day of designing clothes for one of the worlds major fashion designers.

For right now her only plans were to go home, take a hot shower, pamper herself with some ice-cream and then go to bed. She smiled at the thought of all of the relaxation, there was nothing better.

A few minutes later she pulled into the driveway of her condo, just the sight of the place was spirit lifting. She turned off the car and went inside adn tossed her keys on the first stop, the shower.

The warm water felt refreshing as it rolled down her long brown hair, she sighed and started thinking, remembering the group, mostly Zane. Ever since they'd been exiled to Earth they'd hardly seen each other, in fact it had only been twice, the first being in World War two when she'd served as a combat nurse and the other being shortly afterwards when they vowed to meet a hundred years later in Paris at the Eiffel Tower. But the years seemed to be going slowly as she waited in anticipation for the reunion. As for the others, she kept in contact with Grace on a monthly basis, as for Ryan and Vern, she had no idea. She felt however that she would see them all again soon enough.