Well now, my dear,

The tables have turned.

The wreckage of the past,

Is what is left to be burned.

You shall go with it,

Or maybe you should take a look in the mirror.

Please, don't admire yourself now,

Take a look at what we have here.

Now tell me, what do you see?

A flying dove, trying to break free?

Could that be you, or maybe it is me?

I have proven that you are the poison of your family tree.

Here, take a look from the outside,

I've been trying to show you what is wrong,

But your envy and greed keep your mind closed,

Come to the past with me, come along…

What do we have here?

Is this your life, spreading the fear?

Without shedding a single tear?

Your ignorance has shattered this mirror.

You wish you could take the picture out,

Even though you know you've come too far.

You know what is wrong, you finally see,

What you were, and what you are.

Now I can show you why we're here,

It's not that I want to get revenge,

It's the roots of evil inside of you,

Sworn to avenge.

Is it too late to see?

That you cannot break free?

Who are you going to avenge, is it me?

You are just a lone branch hanging from this tree.

Constant darkness has blinded you,

The sun has come, burning hot.

I wish I could save your dying soul,

But it is too late.

And now you are left here to rot.