Chapter 2:

The beginning of Tame Burn

Crying could be heard in the torn down village of Safri. A young five year old girl knelt crying over the dead bodies of her mother, father and older brother. the village of Safri was known for its kindness, however, since the young girl was the only Safrian left, nobody cared.

A scrawny looking man appeared in a wagon. stopping now and then to pick up something he liked. his black tea eyes eyed everything. while carrying about his bussiness, he heard the girl. following her sobs, he found her house. well, what was left of it. walking up to the child, he placed a hand on her curly golden head, causing it to snap up and look at him. her sea green eyes scanned him. he crooked lips curved into a smile.

"Allo ma lady. 'hat seems ta be 'he prob'em?" Her eyes became watery.

"Those men from Rulack came…and killed mama, papa and Joe. I'm all alone." She covered her face with her hands began to cry again. The man brought her into a hug.

"Now now lassie. ye come 'ith ol' Fagone ne? 'Hat's yer name?" The young girl looked up at him.

"Tame. Tame Burn." Fagone nodded and took her hand. he lend her to the wagon and helped her up. Fagone wiped his horse and off they were.

after many days of travelling, they reached an old looking mansion.

"Not te wor'y Lassie," Fagone remarked, "She got a'andend 'ears 'go." With that he lifted her off and carried her into the mansion.

Inside, were boys and boys and boys and…well, boys. Young boys the lot of them. All stopped when they saw Fagone. Tame shrunk a little. As she was shy of the boys. One boy, maybe a year or three older than her, walked up. Fagone set Tame down in front of him.

"Listen 'ere lads! We got 'urselves a lass. Be 'ice! she's yer 'ewest pal!" With that Tame was pushed towards them. The boy infront took Tame by the hand and lend her away. Another boy walked up behind Fagone.

"Any reason why a girl would want to be a thief?"

Fagone turned to the boy and grinned.

"She don't know yet Cloud me matey! I 'ought it be 'est!"

At this, the black haired boy's fists clenched.

"So you're luring her into our world! Is that it?"

"Now now Cloud me mate! No reason ta be 'pset! She'll thank us one day!"

"Pardon?" Tame asked. Currently, the new orphan sat with Cloud, the other boy and three other boys. All of who were at least two years her elder.

"Dis is a mansion 'here dat ol' man teaches us how ta lie, cheat end steal. And de occassional killin'. Nothin' to it." spoke Taruki. A fiery looking and tempered boy.

"That won't be a problem will it Tame?" Anoki spoke. A blonde haired, rudy eyed boy with a gentle heart.

" see..."

"She's from Safri you idiots! Safrians don't like that stuff!" Cloud snapped at his comrades.

"You okay Tame?" asked the Anoki.

Tame just looked beyond confused.

"I don't think I've ever done that in my life! What am I gonna do?" She wept. Unfamilar arms wrapped their arms around her and brought her close. She turne to see Kaihome. Midnight hair and golden eyes. Tame closed her sea green orbs and wept into his embrace while the others watched.

"So errrrrrrrrrrr...Is de ol' man gonna 'eave her wit us?" Asked Taruki. Cloud and Kaihome only nodded.

"Poor child, she must feel so alone right now." spoke Anoki. "HEY! I know," He walked up to where Kaihome and Tame sat, "Ms. Tame? Would you like me to play my flute for you?"

Tame looked at Anoki's smiling face and nodded.

"ALRIGHT!" And with that he began to play beautiful music. All five listened to the sweet music as it filled their ears. Anoki played for quite a while.

"That was beautiful Anoki!" Tame spoke as Anoki finished his work of art.

"Never get tired of 'earing 'is work!" Taruki said.

"You guys make it seem as if I can become like you guys. You make it sound so possible!"

"Of course you can! We'll help you, Tame." Kaihome finally spoke. He smiled at her.

"YEAH! I al'ways 'ondered what it be like havin' a gal on our team!" Taruki said.

"You can count on us to show you how things are done!" said Anoki.

Cloud stared at Tame for a while "You'll have to work hard, but I'm pretty sure you can handle it. Welcome to Team 29 Tame Burn. Pleasure to have you on our team." He stuck out his hand and Tame, without blinking, took it.

"Thanks guys! You RULE!"

"Alright! Now let's get to training..."

"OOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW! TAME! WHA' WAS DAT FIR?!" Screamed an in pain Taruki.

Several years had passed. Tame turned from the perfect girl to Rider Phoenix's twin. Her gentleness had long since decreased and her abilties were beyond wow!

"What? This is training! C'mon Taruki, you can do a HEK of a lot better than that!" Tame taunted playfully. Anoki, Cloud and Kaihome watched the two.

"It never ceases to amaze me how much they both put into a fight." Anoki stated as he watched the two, though his main interest was on Tame.

Since the age of 13, her beauty was made known to everyone in Fagone's mansion. Many of the boys started taking any time they could to be with her. This enraged her companions who disliked the idea of losing their little sister. Though for some, like Anoki, were more jealous of others trying taking his loved one away. Yes, even team 29 had fallen for Tame Burn.

Who still had no idea of what lay before her.

Little did the girl know, that her time would finally come.