Chapter 1:

Three Young Triplets

It was late Augusta as the wise magician stood by her window. Her name was Mama Rafree. She was described by the people of South Elearo as big, fun, friendly, wise and stern. I don't doubt the fact that there was no one of the face of Elearo who disliked her. (I prefer not to say 'hate' as it is too strong a word)

Augusta, in South Elearo's time, was nearing the end of winter. (Like South Africa, South Elearo doesn't have snow in winter)

As Mama Rafree stood by her window she saw her friend fly towards her. Magi, the eagle with the ability to make itself bigger, flew wildly. Mama Rafree left her window and ran as she possibly could to the door to see the matter.

"Now Magi," Mama Rafree said as she reached the door. "What's bothers you old friend?" Magi pecked at her cheek then flew away. Stopping a few yards away, waiting for her.

'Somethin' 'ust be wrong!' she thought as she hurried to catch up with her frantic friend.

Magi led her to the middle of the forest where Alisa, the guardian spirit of the forest, stood waiting for the magician.

"What is goin' on Alisa?" asked Mama Rafree.

"We found three young triplets near the west of our forest. These triplets were obviously abandoned and they need care. So I believe you should look after them. Is that understood?"

"Quite." Alisa moved aside to reveal three different animals. Each holding one of the triplets. A grey wolf held a grey haired baby with odd looking crimson eyes. A dolphin lying by the lake held a blonde haired baby with lime green eyes. Then she noticed Magi's mate, Cagi, held a brown haired baby with the right eye green and the left eye blue. Mama Rafree bowed to Alisa and then turned for home with the animals holding the babes behind her. (It's a magical dolphin don't worry)

Inside her home, she conquered three beds suitable for the babes. Then she turned to the animals.

"I'd like the first born to go on the right bed." The dolphin, known as Ana, took the blonde and set on the bed. Curling up, she then turned herself into a stuffed toy. Mama Rafree put Ana next to the child and smiled.

"You take care of Dawn, Ana. Okay?" Then turned to the others

"The last born should go in the left bed." The grey wolf, known as Aloo, took the grey haired babe to the bed. Then she, too, did the same as Ana and was set next to the child.

"You take care of Dusk, Aloo. Is that alright?" Then Cagi flew to the middle bed and set the middle child on it, but unlike the other two who were without mates, she settled herself on the rail of the bed. Mama Rafree just smiled as Magi flew in a settled himself next to his mate.

"You two care for Day." With that she left the room.

These young triplets were quite special as Mama Rafree soon realised. Each had been given three special powers which would come in handy.

Dawn, the eldest, had been given the abilities of: telepathic message, transformation and invisibility.

Day, the middle, had been given the abilities of: enhanced sight and hearing, healing and empathy. (That an ability that lets you feel the emotions of others)

Dusk, the youngest, had been given the abilities of: super strength, super speed and future eye. (She can see something that is to come however, its quite fast and sometimes blurry)

See they're special. Not only that, they had normal talents too. Dawn was an excellent dancer. Day had a gorgeous voice. Dusk was an amazing actress.


"DAWN! DAY! DUSK! WHERE ARE YOU?!" Mama Rafree fanned herself. She was getting old and those girls had gone missing again. Sure their guardians would look after them but,

"DAWN? DUSK? DAY?" Looking up she saw Magi in his bigger form showing off. Most probably he'd know where the girls were.

"MAGI! COME!" As soon as she said so Magi flew down with, much to her non surprise, the young girls.

"Now where have you all been? I was quite worried." She wasn't sure of the other two, but Day certainly took that to heart. (She does it with everyone and everything)

"Ag Mama. We were just flying about! Nothing to worry about!" Dawn said cheerfully.

"Ya, nothing to worry about ne? You almost give your Mama a good heart attack!" Day looked down.

"Ag Mama. You worry too much! We're fine!" said Dusk.

"Now you come with Mama Rafree! Okay?!" The triplets nodded and followed their mama to the cottage. Nearby lay the ocean of Atlantis where Dawn's ocean friends lived.

"A…Mama Rafree?"

"Yah Dawn! You go play with ocean friends. Enjoy!" Dawn squealed, kissed Mama and ran off. Once she got there, her pendent (Which was Ana) glowed and Ana sprung up and dived into the water. Soon followed by Dawn.

Dusk's pendent (Which was Aloo) glowed too and Aloo sprung out. Aloo bowed to Mama Rafree.

"Yah! You two can also leave poor Mama behind! You enjoy okay!?" Both bowed and then ran off in a different direction leaving Mama Rafree with Day and Magi.

Mama Rafree turned to them. "Suppose you two wanna leave as well."

Day shook her head. "No its okay Mama!"

Mama shook her head. "No! You two check on Cagi and her eggs okay?" Both nodded. Day ran up, hugged and kissed Mama and then jumped on Magi's back and off they were.

"Goodness! Dey gonna be trouble when dey're alder!"