There are many elements; however there are eight that control all. In each pair, the one was parallel to the other.





For each generation, eight children are chosen at a tender age to become the Elementals. The protectors of the planet. Males are traditionally chosen for sun, darkness, fire and earth. Females are chosen for moon, light, water and air. That way, everything had its opposite.

Now when those eight are chosen, they are taken from their homes and villages and old lives. They are sent to different corners of the planet.

Sun is sent north. Moon is sent south.

Darkness is sent east. Light is sent west.

Fire is sent north east. Water is sent south east.

Earth is sent North West. Air is sent south west.

These children are then trained by the former elemental of that element. By the age of 19, they will have finished their training and will have a ceremony to announce the new elementals. From then on, the rest is left in the hands of sun, moon, darkness, light, fire, water, earth and air.

The sun child always had: Greyish hair and cat like yellow eyes.

The moon child always had: Midnight hair and cat like green eyes.

The darkness child always had: Dark hair and reddish eyes.

The light child always had: Light hair and bluish eyes.

The fire child always had: Dark Reddish hair and crimson eyes.

The water child always had: Bluish hair and bluish eyes.

The earth child always had: Brownish hair and chocolate eyes.

The air child always had: Blondish hair and damp blue eyes.

Now then. Time to introduce you to the elementals of our story.

Sun – Kahome of the Shine tribe. Moon – Tiris of the Mhine tribe.

Darkness – Shane of the Dense tribe. Light – Lori of the Lense tribe.

Fire – Kyo of the Force tribe. Water – Isiza of the Worce tribe.

Earth – Daison of the Ethen tribe. Air – Nysa of the Athen tribe.

Now lets begin the journey of these most famous of the many generation of elementals.