Chapter 1: The Chosen

The Land of the Sun

Mushan, the elemental of the Sun, sat in the shrine of the Sun ancestors. His once beautiful blonde grey hair now was a withered white and his yellow gaze was tired. It was finally his time. He got up slowly and walked to the main room. Glancing at the painting of the former elementals as he went.

He slowly walked to the middle of room and slowly raised his arms.

"SUN ANCESTORS! SHOW ME OUR SUCCESSOR!" IN flash a mirror appeared showing him a young boy with grey blue hair and ice yellow cat eyes. Mushan sighed and closed his eyes. The time of the Winter Sun had come. Mushan could only pray and the Winter Moon hadn't also been chosen.

The Land of the Moon

Lyda, the elemental of the Moon, sat on a beautiful chair in the main room. Her once gorgeous midnight black hair was now a silver grey and the loveable spark in her lime green eyes had finally weakened. Her time had also come. She slowly and carefully got up and walked to the middle. Lyda raised her hands and joined them together.

"GREAT MOON ANCESTORS! SHOW YOUR ELEMENTAL HER SUCCESSOR!" Slowly mist appeared and formed a mirror in the shape of the crescent moon. It showed a cute little girl and hair that held all midnight colours and sea green cat eyes. The time of the Winter Sun had come, she could tell. Thankfully, the future beauty will most probably keep him in his place.

The Land of Darkness

Khane, the elemental of darkness, stood looking out to a void of pitch black. All that would tell you he had aged were terrible wrinkles upon his face. Yes, his time too had come. He turned to the right and quite slowly walked to the middle of the room.

"DARKNESS ANCESTORS! I BESEECH THEE! SHOW YOUR SERVANT WHO YOU HAVE CHOSEN!" A dim light shone, showing inside a young boy with demon black hair and crimson eyes. Khane nodded his head and the dim light vanished. 'I see. The ancestors of darkness have chosen a boy, much like myself. hm'

The Land of Light

Agtero, the elemental of Light, in the great hall, surrounded by a blinding light. Blonde hair had turned silver over the years but still shone with beauty and grace. She finally opened her baby blue eyes and raised them to the ceiling. Joining her hands together, she cried out.

"BEAUTIFUL ANCESTORS! SHOW YOUR UNWORTHY ELEMENTAL WHO SHALL TAKE HER PLACE!" A light floated to the aging elemental and dimmed. Inside showing her what she desired to see. A young girl with light blue hair and pale blue eyes. Agtero smiled. What a beauty the future elemental would be.

The Land of Fire

Yuibero, the elemental of fire, sat in a lotus position in the middle of the great hall. Like Khane, only by his wrinkles could you tell of his aging for he had lost not his agility. He closed his eyes and raised his voice to the heavens.

"GREAT ANCESTORS OF THE ELEMENT FIRE! SHOW THIS FOOL WHO WILL CONTINUE OUR LINE!" A flame consumed mirror appeared showing Yuibero a young boy with crimson hair and light red eyes. So this young one was his successor. Hm, he could have a problem with this youngsters attitude.

The Land of Water

Assona, the elementa of water, looked out of a window to a world covered by sea. Her bluish hair had given up its waves and now looked a serene grey blue. Her dark pearl blue eyes greyed with gentleness and tranquillity. Assona turned away from the window in her sea themed room. Moving gentely and slowly like a whale in the ocean, she made her way to the great hall.

Once there, she joined her hands together and, with a cry that rivaled a roar from a sea storm, she cried out,


A worlpool sprung out of no where and landed in the middle of the room. Inside the wild waves she saw a young girl with ice blue eyes and dark stormy sea blue hair. Assona smiled.

"what a beautiful river she is. Though I hope her counterpart, fire, will help melt the ice over the beautiful lake she dwells in."

The Land of Earth

Tieyson, the elemental of earth, walked into the entrance of the great hall. He had just returned from a visit to the forest that lay just outside the Earth Palace. Though his dark brownish hair had lost its beauty, his full of mischief chocolate eyes hadn't lost its cheeky shine. He bubbly walked to the throne of the great hall and sat down. He raised his cheeky voice to his piers as their portraits hung around the room.

"GREAT ANCESTORS! YOUR ELEMENTAL AT THIS CURRENT TIME ASKS TO BE SHOWN WHO HE MUST LEAD TO BE THE NEXT ELEMENTAL OF EARTH!" A gust of leaves appeared in the shape of a tornado. They swirled into a circular shape granting the elemental his wish. There he saw a young chocolate haired boy with chocolate brown eyes.

The Elemental grinned. Looks like earth would have another cheeky elemental. heh heh!

The Land of Air

Seirona, the elemental of air, soared on Nifusis, the life filled cloud. She had long ago lost her blonde satin like hair to a pale grey. Her damp blue eyes seemed dried up. Nifusis took his master to the great hall. There were clouds and paintings everywhere.

Seirona carefully got out of Nifusis and sat down on her air throne which rose her to a comfortable height. Raising her hands, she cried out,

"AIR ANCESTORS! GRANT ME TO SEE WHO YOU HAVE CHOSEN!" Nifusis travelled to his mistress and tranformed into a ball, allowing her to see a young girl with dirty blonde hair and damp sea blue eyes. Hers widened. It was her younger sister's granddaughter. She wept with joy.

"Thank all the elementals of the future and the past! I have been granted a family member!"

Preperations were made and the villages of the Shine, Mhine, Dense, Lense, Fore, Worce, Ethen and Athen tribe were informed that a child from each of their village would be taken by an elemental.