Brief Explanation: This was a short short story I had to write for my creative writing class last year. It's a fictionalized story about my cat Goldie and the Furnace God. Enjoy.


"Hissssssssssss. Click. Clack," I could hear Him calling out to me. My ears twitch and I jump down from the chair I had been sleeping on. I carefully stretch, and then bound downstairs. I have been waiting for Him to make His purr-resence known. He has great powers. It is He who keeps those who feed me warm.

"You called, oh Fiery One?" I sit down in front of His boxy, metal shrine.


"You want me to come closer?" I query. I place my purr-retty paws upon the metal grill of his sanctuary and peer in.

I see Him dancing inside, His ambiguous blue and purple form swaying, but without a breeze. I begin to purr-raise Him for his generosity.

"Oh, thank you for your warmth, great Furnace God! It is your warmth that keeps my belly full and my mind at ease." I get back down on all four of my dainty little paws, and then I spurr-rint like my cousin, Cheetah, into the other room to find a suitable offering to make to His Greatness.

I find it in the form of my favorite "me-nip" mousy. I purr-roudly carry it to the Furnace God's altar and set it down.

"I humbly offer you my favorite toy in return for more of your serr-vices," I tell Him.

"Hisssssssssss. Clack. Click. Whirrrrrr. Poof." He vanishes. I purr-resume that he must be satisfied.

So, I return to my spot on the kitchen chair, curl up into a tight ball, and go back to sleep.

When I wake again the next morning, it is fur-reezing. I do not hear the all-powerful Furnace God. Purr-haps I had been wrong about His acceptance of my offering.

I sulk downstairs to investigate. The "me-nip" mousy is gone. He has accepted my offering.

I place my dainty paws upon the metal of His shrine and see nothing though. I wonder if I have done something to upset His Greatness. But I have been the purr-fect disciple. I have sacrificed all of my favorite toys from my first ball of string to the "me-nip" mousy I gave Him yesterday.

I decide to go back upstairs to sleep on it.

I sleep till nearly sunset. It is a little warmer than before, but I still do not hear His Greatness. I decide I must result to des-purr-rate measures to please the Furnace God.

The one who feeds me most often has brought home a bucket of the Colonel. I jump up onto the stove where it has been left out for me and I take a piece. At which point I run downstairs, to the foot of the Furnace God's altar.

I lay the bone of the Colonel out in front of the Fiery One and make Him the offering. I put my little paws on the grill of His shrine and wait. It seems that He is not going to accept it, when, "hisssssssssss, click, clack!"

I jump back. He is large and angry looking. I scramble up the stairs and under the bed of the girl who continually picks me up without asking me.

I can hear the Furnace God. He is very loud right now. Purr-haps offering Him the bone of the Colonel was going a bit too far.