Well I walked along, singing my battle song,

When I was approached, by a man, reproached.

And he took a swing,

And I started bleeding,

And I finally woke up,

To see that I had lost my wings.

Bury me, Old heathen.

Take me, take my treason.

Well I was back again, my friend,

When I heard a song, when I finally came along,

And I took a chance,

And I made that glance,

And I could finally see, the Siren in the sea,

And when we arrived,

I saw no one alive,

And no one had survived

Bury me, Old heathen,

Take me, take my treason.

With the pagans on their death bed,

Begging on their knees,

"Save us, Oh God, forgive our evil deeds"

They take their first step,

Next step,

Last steps to the graveyard,

Falling with their memories,

Trapped inside and barred,


"Bury me, Old heathen,

Take me, take my treason.

We run but can't hide,

All this time that we bide,

Was it justified?"