The ultimate divider holds her strong,

Her breath becomes a soft wail,

Her body looks wrong,

Her body looks frail.


Her eyes swirl with unshed tears,

Her lips shake with unspoken requests,

Her life ends with unlived fears,

Her heart stops with its last stress.


I died a bit that day,

The day when she left me,

It was the way,

She gave me that look of plea.


Her eyes had captured mine,

Screaming 'Run before it takes you too,'

The last message came with a fine,

And in the next moment she was frozen in time.


Now, I'm stuck in this hospital cell,

That same panicked look,

That same strange, sad farewell

That same affliction.


And as I leave,

This life for another,

I wonder why I grieved,

And smile for some reason or other.

I edited and toyed with my idea for 'Running From Life' same scenario and all, but a different perspective I suppose? Once again, my aunt is not dead, she's perfectly fine I saw her today. Thanks for reading!