Sitting Here Alone

Sitting here alone,

I wish to hear the phone,

I wish to hear your voice,

And I realize my only choice.


If I wish to see you here,

With your facial expressions clear,

Your voice ringing true,

I think of only you.


As I sit here alone,

I wonder at your tone,

You answer leaves me worried,

And my actions all feel hurried.


I question your motivation,

I question my elation,

I jump at your name,

I revel at your lack of fame.


My imagination runs wild,

You, me, maybe a child,

Reality hits hard,

And my teeth are barred.


But in the end,

I know I must fend,

You will never be mine,

And I must remember never to whine.

I'm in an odd mood, so I'm going to share something. I was looking through to see what I hadn't be able to post yet because the site wouldn't let me and I was reading this over and the second line is ;sitting by the phone' and I just realized I still have no idea what happened to my phone! Right, sorry... Thanks for reading!