Chapter 1: Miss Date's Miss-advice

Popcorn never tastes the same. Sometimes popcorn feels like the best thing in the world and tastes like it was made by the higher powers in life. Other times popcorn is just mediocre, not excellent and not horrible. Than there are those times that you would rather forget popcorn. It just gets stuck in your teeth and of course it doesn't have any flavor. Britney was beginning to see the people in her life as if they were the popcorn she was eating. The was the ever sweet caramel corn Brayden, the impossibly bland generic Molly, The always cheesy Devin, the one of a kind Josh, and the stubborn stuck in your head Alexis.

Britney sighed. The problem with working for the biggest woman magazine is that the deadlines come quicker than the stories. She liked be the ultimate dating and sex expert for the magazine. However there was one problem, she hadn't been getting either lately. How do you tell all the other women in America what to do to make him speechless, when you can't even do it yourself?

She rolled her eyes. Maybe her advice column would be easier than the sex tips. She held in her breath as she opened her email. It's a sad thing when you can fix other people's relationship, but you get more distant from your boyfriend as the days past.

Dear Miss Date:

My boyfriend and I have been hot and heavy ever since the day we met. We were inseparable. Now it seems like I have to beg for him to call me. What can I do to make him want me again?

Kate, 32 Ohio


Losing the connection in a relationship is always hard. After being together with you for so long, he doesn't want to hurt you anymore than he already will. If he seems distant there is probably a reason. Don't jump to the immediate conclusions that he doesn't love you or he is cheating on you. Call him and ask him what is going on. It may simply be that there is something going on outside of the relationship that is affecting his entire life. He may have lost someone he really cared for, i.e.… a pet, a family member, a close friend. Things may not be going well at work. He may just be nervous about something he wants to ask you. He may want to take this relationship a step further but is scared about losing you. Instead of asking about the relationship and why he hasn't been calling, put him first. This will show him that you really care and that you are interested in more than his amazing sexual capabilities. If it is the fact that he has fallen out of love with you than your interest will cause him to be truthful about what is really going on in his life.

Picking up her phone, it was time for Britney to start taking her own advice. Things have been awkward with Josh lately and she wanted to set things right. She was sick of sitting around and waiting for him to call her. She was sick of going to the movies with her best friend, Brayden. It was almost like she was dating him and not Josh.

"Hello," came the rough masculine voice she loved to hear. Josh's voice is one of the first things that attracted her to him. His voice and those amazing light green eye of his were her weakness.


"Hey Brit," Josh said nonchalantly. He was acting as if he hadn't fucked up once again. It has been at least two weeks since he called her last, but yet he still acts as if everything is peachy keen.

Britney and Josh began dating as freshman in high school, but broke it off as the both went to different colleges. They just started dating again after running into one another in Times Square. In one of the most populated cities, Britney finds her first real love. She had always thought it was a sign of some sort that they were meant to be together. She was starting to have second thoughts about the whole Josh situation, but than again he was her biggest weakness.

"I didn't think you would answer. I mean we haven't talked in like forever," Britney said shutting her laptop and stepping away from her desk.

"I have just been busy. Things have been picking up here at Wall Street. You know how it is."

"Yeah…" Biting her lip, Britney was beginning to see the truth. She could tell he was lying to her. It had been five years since her father died, her sophomore year in college. She didn't want to be alone tonight. "I was thinking… Maybe we could go for dinner at that new Jazz restaurant. I heard they have the best food."

"Right, I wish I could baby…"

Oh no! It's the dreaded but! Had she really become that naïve and gullible that she couldn't see past his game. Why couldn't she just dump him and take charge of her own life? She was afraid to be alone. She was afraid to be without him, it was fate, remember?

"But I have a big dinner tonight with the other brokers."

"Well I could come. I think its time I meet your peers."

"Nah, it's just going to be us men and all our business talk. You'd be bored. Why don't you just rent When Harry Met Sally and eat some popcorn." Josh grinned at his new boss. The only woman in the office, and she was sexy as hell.


"I will tell you what. Tomorrow is Saturday night; we'll paint the town red. Me and you, go dancing or something."


"Great! I will call you tomorrow, ok baby?"


"I gotta go."

"I love you."

"You too, baby."

Britney looked around the empty office. She was the last one there tonight. She hated being there alone. Shaking her head, she packed up her computer. It wouldn't be too hard to finish up the article at home. Brayden was always good help with finishing her ask Miss Date column.

Letting the tears finally catch up with her, Britney slammed her car door shut and just sat in the driver's seat. How had she let her life, become this big of a mess? Wiping her eyes, she decided she was better than this. She didn't need to be crying over a man. She was going to go home eat popcorn and watch When Harry Met Sally.

Brayden looked at the table. Wine, check! Candles check! Flowers check! Food, oh shit! Brayden looked in the phone book, she's gotta love candlelit pizza dinner. He ordered a stuffed crust mushroom and sausage pizza from pizza hut, her favorite. Well… He tried.

Brayden and Britney have been living together for three years now. It was perfect at the time because neither of them were dating anyone. Being right out of college, it wasn't like either one of them was going to be able to afford a place on their own. They knew each other like the back of their hands… Why waste time trying to get to know someone all over again.

Brayden knew what today was for Britney. He was the one who went to the funeral with her after all. He just wanted today to be special, so she wouldn't remember all the pain May 11th brought back. Plus he knew she has had too many problems with work and Josh. He just wanted her to feel like a star for one night.

He looked at the floral centerpiece he created. Being a fashion designer he had an eye for beauty. He loved color; therefore the vase was filled with only the brightest and most exotic flowers at a price he shouldn't have paid. In the center of the bouquet were Britney's two favorite flowers, oleander and tiger lily. He was going to make this a night she would always remember with good memories.

The pizza arrived only minutes later. He was surprised they were so quick. He gave the guy a fifty and told him to keep the change. Cursing himself for leaving such a huge tip, he set the table and checked his watch. She should be home any minute now.

Britney slowly walked threw the door and set her laptop bag down. She looked over at Brayden and smiled. He was always there for her when she needed someone. It was amazing she has such a great friend. He was the only thing in her life that was right.

"I was trying to have a surprise party, but Alexis and Molly are working, and Devin has a hot date with a lawyer. Josh never got back to me."

"That makes two of us." Britney said sighing and walking over towards Brayden. She couldn't help but notice how sexy he looked standing in the candlelight with the wineglass in his hand. He was wearing a silk black shirt with the top buttons undone and his favorite pair of jeans. Her eyes wandered from his face down his body, he definitely dressed to impress her.


"Let's not talk about Josh. I don't want to think about it, until tomorrow." Britney sat down at the table and took a sip of wine. Nothing in the world like numbing the pain…

"Molly said that we should head down to the dance club around ten. She wanted to go out on the town." Brayden said taking a sip of his own glass of wine. "I told her, I'd talk to you about it."

"We could, but I don't have anything to wear."

"You never have anything to wear, you could just wear nothing," Brayden grinned at Britney for a moment hoping she would kill him at that exact moment.

"If you weren't almost gay, I'd file a sexual harassment suit."

"That's harsh Brit!"


"I don't like it when you say that." Brayden looked down at his plate. To any outsider it would look as if they were married or something. Everyone already thought they were having sex. Why isn't it possible for a man and a woman to be friends without all the questions?


"I have something you can wear," Brayden looked up to his roommate and smile. "My latest creation, I was making it for Halle Berry. You'll have to do."

"You are such a jerk." Britney said throwing a napkin at him. "I do love dancing…"

"Alexis is dying for you to come to her new club… Euphoria."

Alexis Caantz was the hottest night club promoter in New York City. She knew all the hottest celebrities and spent most her time making the clubs hot. She lived for a party. Alexis had just opened her own dance club. It was opening weekend and she needed all the support she could get.

Britney finished her plate and thought for a minute. If Josh could be out partying with all his "friends", then she was going dancing with hers. After all, there was nothing she enjoyed more than a night out on the town.

"That dress better not make me look like a heifer!"