So I'm feeling now

so I'm singing now
got good thoughts in my head
so I'm dancing around on tiptoes
hardly sleeping in my bed
i feel kinda fuzzy
strung out
but not stressed

so I'm feeling now
great things and ones I can barely touch
there's something out there
and I can't tell if it's waiting for me
or I'm waiting for it

I'm held back
held down
not sure who or what is doing the holding
sitting still with my thoughts now
pounding and pounding
like my fingers on the keyboard
like my heart in my chest
like the hammer on the broken bridge

a thought like crying
but I'm not that sad
a touch of ice
but it's burning hot here

how much of this life can I handle?
how long before I know I'm thru?
how gentle are the waves that hold me?
how hard is the mountain I climb?

what is singing and dancing?
what is art in all forms?
what is made of me and everything?
what is touched by unseen kisses?

I've fallen through the tunnel
yes, fallen down down down
to a brighter sky of starlight

can't see it a noon, though,
can't see it when I'm looking down, so
I've raised my hands to the sky
and spun on my heels
and they're not coming down 'til I feel what I've felt
and they'll not stop spinning 'til the earth stops too.