Dear Mr. Teddy Bear

All night long she whispers

To her only friend,

"Dear Mr. Teddy Bear,

I need you here to comfort me"
And she's only seven years old

But her daddy hates her.

"Dear Mr. Teddy Bear,

Daddy's yelling at me again,

And I'm afraid he's gone too far,

'Cause it hurts more than anytime before"

He's blaming her for everything,

That ever went wrong in his life,

And she's holding her pain inside.

"Dear Mr. Teddy Bear,

Daddy's thrown you away,

But I can still pretend,

That you're here with me."

And she cries at night,

When Daddy's at the bar.

And maybe this time he's gone too far,

Because it hurts more than anytime before,

And she can hear the sirens coming,

As the gun falls to the floor.