Babe don't you know

I'm falling.

I can feel it.

Your amazing boy.

Don't you know?

You have no clue.

That I might be.

In love.

In love with you.

I've never felt this way.

I think about you everyday.

Constantly on my mind.

Your always super king.

I worry about you.

Because I could never loose you.

If I did I don't know what I would do.

We are like one.

Life is all so bitter sweet.

But I'm always here for you.

Ill help you move your feet.

Through all the good and bad babe.

I want to get close to you.

Just give me the time.

Ill show you.

I want this to last.

I'm over and done with my past.

Times flying by.

But it's alright as long as I get to spend it all with you.

I want to hit you right.

Keep you up all night.

Be with you.

Love you.

Never want to lose you.

Never get over you.

We are meant to be.

Can't you see.

You're my star.

It's super bright.

I wish upon it every night.

Baby boy please don't go.

Never leave.

For than I could no longer breathe.

Baby boy stay.

We can make it all the way.