Open Hearted

Lost in my tears.

Drowning from my fears.

Need you.

Want you here with me.

For all time.

Hold me.

Love me.

Let me in.

Open your heart.

I promise I won't brake it.

Please let me take it and hold on to it tight.

Because this us feels so right.

Might be falling it's oh so true.

I'm feeling you.

Baby boy take my hand.

Ill keep you strong and help you stand.

When you're in need ill be at your side.

Ill wash your worries away like the ocean tides.

No more need to hide.

Babe don't be scared.

For we can make it through it all.

Ill never let you fall.

If you're in need just give me a call.

I love your face.

It's full of grace.

Love your style.

You always make me smile.

I want to take my time with you.

Just want to taste it.

Can't waste it.

I love you.

You're my baby boy.