Come lay with me

Come sit with me.

My friend.

My love.

Let me ease your pain.

Let me be your angel sent from above.

Ill show you how to love again.

Just let the passion win.

Win you over to me.

I can set you free.

Let's create some sparks.

Ignited by our body heat.

I can feel every heart beat.

Fast and slow.

It beats for you.

It's true.

Love is sometimes bitter sweet.

Come over here.

Baby boy and take a seat.

Relax your mind.

I can help you to unwind.

Let's spend it together.

No matter how long or short our time.

Baby come lay with me.

Please stay with me.

I'm in need for some sugar.

Will you not be my one and only honey bee?

You're oh so sweet.

You my love addiction.

My over dose on ecstasy.

Come here my baby boy.

Put that honey on me.