Our Song

Walking away there's nothing to say.

I took this chance.

But I couldn't get you to dance.

You left me here.

You didn't even care.

I am over you.

Oh so through with you.

With this lie.

Why did I even give you a try?

We chose the wrong path to take.

What a huge mistake.

You wouldn't give me your love.

I thought you were sent from above.

I was wrong.

This wasn't our love song.

I have the paper and the pen.

This hand can't write.

This heart won't sing.

My soul took flight.

Maybe ill be able to sleep tonight.

With you out of my thoughts and dreams.

My heads now oh so clear.

I can feel my new time somewhat coming near me.

Who knows what the future may bring.

I just know now that my heart can now sing.