Uncanny Defeat

Ashley Harrison

Jester in the court of lies

Enlightened by the world I despise

Seeking what's never sought,

Slipping into all this tormented thought:

We helplessly invert common creativity –

Circulating the unknown,

Amongst concrete idealism.

Watching with cold hearts,

Our children weep

Helplessly turning to accept defeat.

Promises turn to lies -

Making us rethink the definition of reality

Reality's reality is real,

But realistic reality is an utter lie

Within this is where I live -

It's who I am…

I am the weeping child.

I watch with a lead heart.

My promises unconsciously turn to meaningless lies.

Within the world I loathe,

I am forced to spread the unknown to the unwilling.

And all of this to prove the feelings I still hold.