Back on my feet,

I feel alive again,

Darkness lagging behind me,

I have sight of you, my friend.

But now I have hit the split in the road,

And it all comes down to what I do,

Everyone is watching me,

Staring, watching my every move.

I feel like I've broken free,

But this beautiful tragedy has arrived,

Even though it's behind me,

My mind tells me that I won't survive.

Maybe a healthy dose of oppression,

Or a spoonful of this depression?

Who knows? Perhaps next time,

My prison will break, releasing this obsession.

This mentally deceiving prophet,

Pretends to show me through this fog,

But I see right through him.

He wants to be the master, and I the dog.

Hearing voices for miles around,

Is this his way of punishment?

Every person I see,

I now have a hypocritical judgment.

It's the ticking in my head,

That is controlling my life,

Just when my head feels like it wants to explode,

I have a sudden urge to drop the knife.

I, now feel alive.

And I, will start to strive,

Even if my mind will deprive,

I, will stay alive.

Fight, for every thought,

Remember, everything you've been taught,

Defend, against this onslaught,

Embrace, every pain you've brought.

And maybe you can live one more day,

The constant stream of conscious,

Will not stray away,

Just try to stay alive,

I'm coming to help.

But I first need your aid,

So I don't have to fade.

Fade away from you,

Fade from this life,

This ungrateful life,

If you can't help me,

I've become a useless sacrifice.