Lacking Foresight

How did I get here? Gravity?
By falling into pain's grasp of

Held under moonless sky,
existence forgettable for the time,
sketching mortality with loneliness in my fingers
over your smooth face and star-stained eyes.
Regrets mirror your reflection in my memory…
one night, but it's not as simple as one mistake
two pressed bodies, emanating pasts and fears,
where everything burns,
fire binding us to each other, originating from some place
we cannot touch because it is embedded too deeply.

We were never farther from each other than when you held me in your arms,
bodies laced over unbroken pain, forgotten, like the sky,
but only for a moment until gravity forced us together,
falling into truth's glare.

Bittersweet parting kisses, eyes refusing to meet...
looking back,
these scenes from the album of mistakes make me cry.
Reminiscent of no memories,
only another regret.

(A/N: For all the friends I've witnessed do something they regretted in their pain and loneliness. They really were never any happier afterward.)