Restless, the sea sounds
In my soul, buffeted by wind:
"How strong are you?" So many questions
Hover about
Just beneath the surface
Breaking on the rocks below me:
Water, green as your eyes
And just as wistful.
Sighing, carried away by the storming wind
Trying to sink through me
To strip me of defense:
Lay your soul out,
Here on the Rocks.

Lay here
Among the crags and rusting pipes
"I can't hold on…"

Whose voice is speaking,
Mine, or yours?
I see the waves
And remember the river:
No less clear, but so much kinder.
This ocean stores too many secrets.
It tries to spit them on the shore.

The river was kinder.

The sea is restless
Nagging at my soul
"Come clean" it calls
I don't know if I will answer
"My heart may be too strong."