come to your senses, boy
see what's really happenin' here
I'm not gonna let you hang me by a string
tie me up in silk and make me wait
in a world this uncertain
you better give me some absolutes
this gray haze is doing nothing for me
tell me something before I start begging

I know you can't know everything
I don't either (duh)
but not everything sleeps in a mist
just like not everything is black and white
a little bit of both
but you're only filling the sky with clouds
give me some sunshine, pretty please

hand me a Bandaid because my heart's still bleeding
yah, yah, you heard right, boy
and don't you run away again
now you know the truth
it's what it is
can't change it much in my mind
my heart feels what it feels
and still bleeds over you

I need another Bandaid, please
the first one barely closed the fissure
nothin' to put into the empty part there
so it bleeds to fill the hole.