As Jessica walked home from Devon's she contemplated on what she had just done. But it did not matter. It would make him jealous. Hopefully. She needed him to be jealous so she knew that he at least wanted her on some level. Even if it was just sex, she would give up her virginity to him in a heartbeat. Love made you do crazy things. She would do anything in the world if he would give her one kiss. The thought of what it would be like made her shiver. She wrapped her arms around her waist and continued her lonely walk home. One day he would touch her just once. One day, and soon, she would come on to him. He would reject her, she knew it.

Sighing, she walked up to her one story blue house and opened the door. The smell of the meatloaf her mother was cooking welcomed her when she stepped into the well furnished, blue and white living room. She decided that she would call Eddie and tell him she would go out with him on a date and see how it would go from there. He was really cute and funny but he was not Devon. No one could ever compare to the dark, handsome man. Maybe it was because she loved him. Every minute away from him killed her. He would see. She smiled a little as a plan unraveled in her mind.

Jessica walked into the kitchen to see her pretty mother preparing dinner. "Hey, sweetie," her mother, Laura, said, turning to her daughter. Jessica was almost a spitting image of her mom except her eyes which were the color of her father's. Her mother had deep brown eyes that smiled all the time.

"Hey," Jessica said back.

"Did you have a nice talk with Devon?"

"Yeah. His car is messing up again."

"He needs to get a new one," her father, Shane, said, coming into the kitchen. He was a tall man, 6'2", muscular with a little gut and brown hair.

"I'm sure he will," her mother said, kissing his cheek.

"So, I have something to tell you guys," Jessica said, setting her plan in motion. Her parents waited. "Eddie from school asked me on a date. I haven't given him an answer yet," she added quickly before Shane could go on a rampage. "I was thinking he could meet you guys first, come over for dinner Friday night then Saturday we could go out if it's alright with you guys."

"Devon is coming to dinner Friday as well," Laura said. Jessica knew. That is why she wanted everything to happen on Friday so that Devon would see just what he is missing. "That would be just fine."

"If we meet him first, then yes you can go," Shane said. "Only if I approve of course."

Jessica rolled her eyes. "Yes, I know, Daddy. I'll go call him now." She went into the living room, sat on the plush blue couch and picked up the phone to call Eddie. He answered on the third ring.


"Hey, it's Jessica."

"Oh, hey!" Eddie said, tone light and happy.

"So there may be a problem with going out with you," Jessica said.

"Oh, no. What?"

"My parents want to meet you. Do you think you'd like to have dinner with us Friday?"

Eddie thought about that. "Yeah, no problem."

"Cool. They also said I can go out with you Saturday that's if Daddy doesn't scare you away."

He laughed. "I think I can handle it. So Friday it is?"

"Yup," Jessica said, smiling. "I'll see you at school tomorrow."

"See ya." They hung up. Jessica grinned to herself. We'll see how Devon reacts to this. She got up and went to her room, flopping on her twin bed. She really should not use Eddie like this but she wanted badly for Devon to notice her. Like she has said before, she would do anything.

Devon sat at his kitchen table, speaking to Shane on the phone an hour after his conversation with Jessica. "A kid asked Jessica on a date at school today," Shane was telling him. Devon angrily jabbed out his cigarette in the ashtray.

"She told me," he said, chuckling a little.

"He's coming to dinner Friday."

Devon froze. Friday? Oh, great. It is bad enough he had to hear about now he has to see the little bastard to. "Well, we can always scare him away before he even steps on the porch." Little did Shane know, Devon was completely serious though kept his tone joking.

Shane laughed. "Yes, I would love that. Mount his head on the wall as a warning."

"I have some stuff to do so I'll see you Friday," Devon said.

"Alright. Bye."

"Later." Devon hung up the phone and set it on the table before lighting another cigarette. He really should not be angry with the boy, what's his name, Eddie? Jessica was beautiful, smart and fun. What guy would not want her? It was only a matter of knowing your lines and when not to cross them but Devon has already crossed a few himself with thinking of her in a way that was not friendly at all. It was official; he was cursed.

Hours later, he passed out on the couch, too tired to go to his room.