The next holocaust will be against the ninth level victims,
our cigarettes, mirrors and razors, hypodermic sharp friends, bongs
will be at once our bearers of good tidings and our mark of the beast
in the eyes of the religious redeemers and the socialists.
Drug laws, and now twenty feet from the entrance, and that's only the beginning;
our ash and power will be mixed with what's left of our bodies
as we fuel the rekindled fire of Hitler's war machine.

After our extermination, the genocide,
the ethnic cleansers made of good catholic boys
and fanatical women in pant suits (with no support at all you-know-where)
will join hands and say in harmony:

"Thank godly scientific agenda we have the addicts gone, the reckless fucks.
They took up space, didn't conform to our patriotic bipartisan commiefascist ideas."

And they'll scatter our ashes on Lincoln's grave and wait for god to resurrect the great redeemer
or send back Jesus, whichever happens first.