are you even missing me?
it's been long since we met by the royal gates
and i'm so sorry that they have not yet found my body
perhaps they never will
and you'll only get to know me by the documentaries
and the books and the cartoon you saw back in '97

didn't you know that i used to dance in ball rooms
with diamonds and rhinestones 'neath my corset?
honey, it's the only way i could carry fortune with me
not until that deadly photoshoot i had at the cellar
when i had my blood bath bullet shower
with the rest of my family and the court maids

did you get fooled by all my pretenders?
and perhaps you even fell for one of them
but sweetie, none of them was ever as good as me
and no, you'll never be able to tell who i was
'cause baby, i'll be the acid girl you never knew

A/N: I've been so interested and have been reading a lot about the murder of the Romanovs and Anastasia and Anna Anderson..and just recently, when I heard Tori Amos' song "Yes, Anastasia", I was inspired to write this…