One of my first poems. Unfortunately, I can't format it the way I want it (the way the poem looks is important to me). The poem may seem political in nature, but its not just about politics, ok? This is not a pot-shot at anyone in particular, just something I wrote as I thought about the quote "Mistakes were made".


Mistakes were made…

-Countless politicians

"Mistakes were made"

What a clean statement to refer to something dirty; a mistake:


1. an error in action, calculation, opinion, or judgment caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, insufficient knowledge, etc

No one is attached to it

Who is the blame pointed to? No one. Instead it is left in its nice little box;

"Mistakes were made," points invisible fingers at invisible people

Who did what, in this play of deception? The cast is unknown, and the roles are all muddled.

2. In predicative use: something chosen through an error of judgement; a badly selected thing, a regrettable choice.

Who is Dr. Frankenstein, and what is the mistake of a creation?

Or maybe the creation is actually the leader of a blameless nation?

It is a wall of pride that stops the leader from taking responsibility

It is the excuse that robs us of justice

It robs us of dependability

Of security

Of our innate ability

To say "That's not right," and the only response that can be made is,

"Mistakes were made,"

No, mistakes weren't made.

They were chosen.