All Ashleys Are Blonde

By S&M

Tiffanys and Carlys

and Ashleys are blonde.

Underneath their white mini skirts

you can always see their thongs.

Natasha is a bitch

and will always be one.

So is Melanie and Jenna

and Bianca and Jason.

Marcus' are almost

absolutely certainly gay.

Joses are marines

who barely ever shave.

Andrews are friends

and never anything more.

Nicole is a whore.

Nicholas is a bore.

Sarahs are brunettes

but sometimes, they fake it.

Emilys loves to read.

Ambers run around naked.

Vanessas are black

with "ghetto booties"

and they talk alotta smack

and always have a story.

Hollys and Taras

are lesbians together

and have crushes on

girls named Heather.

Annas never eat.

Shannons never cry.

Anthony always leaves

without saying goodbye.

Sams like to fight.

Jasmines are never white.

Crystals are pretty.

Joeys are witty.

Jeff is a cheat.

Beth is very sweet.

Victor is smart

or makes beautiful art.

Steven is the one

who always breaks your heart.