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Chapter Two: Gorgeous Blonde

It was just my luck to come in the next night and not only find my good-looking crush of sorts Adrian lounging against the bar. A beer glued to his hand and another woman to his side. Who else should that whore be than Lindsi. It should figure he would go and fool with her. I would say arch nemesis but that sounds a little too childish. But damn it she always does this to me. Fucking whore. Adrian noticed me almost too soon. I say almost because he dropped that bitch on her ass as soon as he saw me. Well not literally on her ass but I can hope, eh?

"Dae you're a hard girl to get to, ya know." He had that wide grin again that seemed oh so tempting. I would say he directed me towards the bar but it was more like he was herding me. God if he wasn't so cute.

I should've known that I had spoken too soon. Not even 3 minutes of serving at the bar did I run into Bo-Bae, my boss. She just so happens to have a whole lot of lip for me.

"I'm glad you could make it. I'm glad we didn't trouble you coming all this way. What an inconvenience for you to have to come to work, eh?" The bitch asked. Fuck if I didn't need this job. Hell if I didn't like it so much. I nod mutely while gritting my teeth till she quits talking or it hurts. Course it's the second since the bitch hates me as much as I hate her.

When she does leave I see the man grinning at me. I pop him across the chest before getting behind the bar.

"Sweet thang c'mere." I glance towards the voice to find myself staring no I'll be honest it was more like gaping at him. He was fucking hot. He had short blonde hair and a pair of light blue eyes beneath expressive golden brows and a cute pink mouth. Plus he had a light tan across his skin. I was pulled from my musing from Mr. Adrian a small frown across his thin lips his hand still on the hem of my shirt. I pulled away quietly before getting over to the man. I grinned when he casually asked for a beer and my number. It was then that I noticed the cute little accent drawling out his words. It was thick and deep. I narrowed it down to either Scottish or Irish before he had his hand on my ass from the other side of bar. Damn he was mister smooth. He may have gotten my number if not for Adrian loudly clearing his throat. When I saw his impatience I couldn't help but to chiseled myself for letting someone as fine as he wait.

I looked between the two before handing him a beer and a wink. Before sauntering over to Adrian and asking him what he'll have.

He looked at me a moment before saying a beer. He asked me what I was doing tomorrow while occasionally glancing at the blonde and sending a glare. I couldn't help but laugh at this before saying depends.

He didn't stay much longer after getting my number and a date. And blondie didn't wait long before moving in again. I'll just say I won't be leaving alone tonight and end with that.