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The nurses were in bunches in between cubicles and reception, giggling and whispering. Some went silent as she passed, others whispered even more frantically.
It was just another ordinary day for Izzy Clarkepston, yet in some ways, it wasn't.
It was worse.
The guys all gave her nervous looks and kept well away, the girls either smiled sympathetically or gave her smug looks. Her boss handed her a file, said 'cubicle seven, dislocated shoulder' and disappeared off, appearing unknowing in her emotionlessness. But, of course, she did know, otherwise she would have said something about how late Izzy was.
She took a deep breath and headed towards the cubicle, and was barged by a blonde gossipy nurse. She heard the nurse tell the rest of the staff 'you'll never guess who just came in!'. She wasn't the most sensitive woman you ever met.
Izzy slipped into the bustling cubicle area, going unnoticed. But, of course, with her features she didn't expect to catch anyone's eye. Her light brown hair was neat and held a soft shine, her uniform hadn't got a single wrinkle, and her expression was that of cool detachment. After all, she was working, not looking for an easy date at a nightclub.
"Hello there deary, why the long face?" Izzy realised she was facing the bed of her patient, and glanced down at her folder.
"Mrs. Brown, hello. So, how did you do this one?" She made a smile at the sweet old lady.
"Bloody cat tripped me up!" Mrs. Brown then let out a stream of words to make anyone blush. "I would give her away, but you know how it is…"
Izzy nodded. "Right, so I'm just going to give you some painkillers, and then I'll pop the arm right back in, okay?"
"You're repeating yourself, deary." She leant forwards and patted Izzy with her good arm.
"Am I?" Izzy went picked up the syringe and squeezed it to make sure it was working.
"Yes. I'm no grammar police-woman, but you said 'right' twice." The old lady smiled. "What's up?"
"Oh. Nothing. Now, let me put this in." She cleaned Mrs. Brown's skin, inserted the syringe, and injected the painkiller. "Right. Just leave it a couple seconds to set in, and then we can do your arm!"
"You're avoiding my question, dear." The woman patted Izzy again.
"Am I?" Izzy looked around, avoiding her gaze.
"Yes. What's wrong?" She tilted her head to the side and smiled.
"Nothing worth talking about. It's just one of those days, you know?" Izzy glanced at her.
"Ah, yes, I understand. Just another of those days. You doctor people seem to get a lot of those, don't you think? Was it in the job description?"
Izzy smiled. "I don't think so." She took the old lady's arm. "Here we go." She pushed it in until she heard a satisfying click.
"Thank you deary!"
"Not a problem, Mrs. Brown." Izzy smiled and put the syringe and wipe in the bin. "Just be more careful around that cat of yours."
"Yes dear." Mrs. Brown picked up her things, and Izzy walked off to sign her out.
"Ah, Izzy!" Her boss had never sounded so pleased to see her. "Got a special patient in cubicle eleven. I'm hoping I can trust you to respond more sensibly than the rest of the staff. I'd do it myself, but…" Her boss walked off, leaving her alone with the folder.
She glanced at the folder. "Great." She did a double take. "Doubly triply great. Thanks a bloody lot." She put on her best fake smile and went to cubicle eleven, to face her greatest fear.

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