Can't Let Go


it's over it's done,

for good.

But, though

the battles, are

and through

you're still waging the war.

Let me go,

let it die.

There is no,

more you and I.

You saw you know,

that we're done.

That it's over

and the war is won.

But whenever I'm there,

and you're with her,

You try to hurt me

and I let it work.

Although I drill it,

through your head.

That we're done

and the relationships' dead.

My feelings still last,

though I've seemed to move on.

Maybe intentions

were misunderstood.

Because you feel wronged,

as I do too.

I can't let it go,

no matter how hard I try.

I have someone new,

but over you I still cry.

I fueled your anger,

you fueled my fear.

I'm better off alone.

It's too much to bare.

I only bring pain

to those around me.

To those I care for,

just let the tears drown me.

My spirit is crushed,

my will…gone.

The pain that surrounds me

is created a wall.

I've naught to do,

but sit here and pray.

Pray that today

will be the day.

The day I can do it,

that day I give in.

The day that I die,

the day my life ends.