Hi my name is Samantha love, Sam for short. I have long black hair that reaches the small of my back. I have a blemish free face and nice high cheek bones. I am about 5:7" and I have am abusive father. Ya I know what your going to say but she's nice sweet and outgoing but when I get to my house after school it's a whole different story. I was six the first time he hit me. I am now seventeen, I don't know why my mom let him do it that long but I guess she thought she could change him.

The only friend I told about this was jane she's been with me for twelve years. I have mostly guy friends and when ever they ask me about the bruises I would say I fell now they are so used to me telling them that they don't ask anymore. I have three best friends two guys and one is a girl. There names are Jane, Kyle, and Rob. They have been there with me my whole life.

I don't acted like other girls fighting over guys like they were some prize to be won, no I just liked to hang with guys they are easy to talk to and stuff like that. The others at my school (cal state prep high school) call me a whore cuz they think im sleeping with all of them but im not. In fact I have never even had a kiss. Ya I know its weird but its true.

But one day my mom takes me away to England yeah England I was so sad to leave my friends but happy leave my father in the dust. Well I guess I have to get on with my story or you will think I just like to talk about nothing, so here goes.