We were out of the airport and met up with my aunt my moms sister Kathy.

"oh sweety how are you." She said hugging both me and my mom

"Kathy I cant breath." I said pushing away from her

"oh my god did he do that?" she asked looking and my eye (it was now black along with the cut.)

"yeah that's when I drown the line." My mom said as we walked to the I got in the back I didn't realize how tired I was so I went to sleep. I have no idea how long I was asleep but I had I very bed dream. I was at my fathers house and he was beating the shit out of my mom. She finally die and then he turned to my. With hes first hit I woke up. Panting and grabbing my chest. I wasn't in the car instead I was in a room. It was big and had a huge window above the bed. Slowly I rose stiff from the plane ride and walked into the bathroom.

"wow." I said looking at the shower it was a walk in and had a clear glass cover. I could just see myself in it. I decided to take a shower since there was nothing better to do here. Right when I got in the water was warm no need to let it heat up. I notice that my shampoo was in the shower already. "mom must have unpacked everything last night." I thought as I washed my hair. I wiped the mirror of the steams that had settled on it. And looked at my face. I eye was still black and the cut was bright red. Cover up would not cover the bruise so I decided to just leave it.

"I will take her to that school that we use to go." I heard my mom say as I walked down stairs and into the kitchen. There my mom and aunt Kathy were having coffee.

"hi mom." I said

"oh, baby your up how did your sleep?" she said handing me a cup and filling it with coffee.

"it was ok not great but ok." I said after the first sip.

"did you even try to cover that eye of yours you don't want the kids at school that you got in a fight or nothing." My aunt said putting her cup in the sink.

"yeah I tried but I gave up it wont work pluss why do I care what other kids think."

"honey im going to take you to the school I used to go to when I was a kid why don't you go up stairs and get dressed." I mom said leading to the stairs

"mom what wrong with what I have on mow." I said looking down at my sweat pants and "I don't do morning's" shirt.

"honey just go up there and get something better. And don't take to long." She said pushing me up the stairs. Once in my room I looked though the drawers and the closet. I found a nice pair of apple bottom pants to show off my nice ass and a black wife beater. I put on eyeliner and some silver eye shadow.