We made it to my future school (mane stream high school).

"honey don't make anyone mad today I don't want to mave you to I different school." She said as we walk up to the office. Then out of nowhere "hey baby you want to shack your ass over to me?" a male voice called.

"who ever said that im sure my ass is the only one you've seem in months." I said still walking to the office. Right before the office door closed I heard some "ohhh" and "burn's" coming from other students.
"honey we don't have to come here if they are going to do that to you." My mom said looking at me.

"mom please I can take care of myself." I said walking up to the front desk and ringing the bell. Shortly after a women with gray hair and glasses came from a room.

"may I help you young lady?" she asked

"yes I would like to enroll in this school if that's possible." I said putting on my 'I really want to come here' look.

"yes just fill these out and came here tomorrow morning for your schedule." She said handing my some papers.
"thank you." And I walked out up the office.

"honey you handled that very well." I mom said keeping up with my fast pace.

"mom I told you, you have nothing to worry about this school is nothing compared to m old school. Can I drive?" I asked. She nodded and handed me the keys. On the drive back my mom promised to get me a car for my birthday in two months. A for the rest of the day all I did was clean up my room try to make it like mine. That meant putting posters up and pictures of all my friends. When I was done the only wall showing was the small space above my bed. By then I was tired so I went to sleep. The next morning I woke up early so that I could walk to school. Picking out a black shirt with a red skull on the side and some gray boy short I walked into the bathroom to get dress. When I was ready with all my make up and clothes on I went down stairs.

"hey mom, hey Kathy." I said grabbing a protein bar and kissing them both on the cheek.

"is your eye getting darker?" aunt Kathy said

"well yeah its suppose to get dark and then it lightens don't worry no one will bug me about it." I said walking out the door. Just the my leg started vibrating.

"hallo?" I said holding my phone to my ear.

"you left for England because your father was beating you! Couldn't you just like have him arrested?" the voice asked

"Kyle don't it wasn't my choice it was my mom's" I said calmly

"that doesn't mean he gets to just live his life like it never happened." I said

" look I have to get to school. Call me when you get home I should be at lunch."

"ok but I cant believe he has done that and you never told us I thought you trusted us."

"I do I just didn't want you to go after him. You wont will you?"

"no I miss you is not the same."

"I know hey call me when you get home im at school. Ok"

"sure." And he hung up. I sighed waling into the office for the second time in two days a new record.

"can I help you?" the same lady asked guess she has a lot of people that come though here.
"umm.. yeah im the new student Samantha." I said handing her the papers she gave me the day before.

"oh yes here is your schedule and a map. Come to me if anyone gives you troble."

"im sure I can handle it." I smiled and walked out of the door. The halls were dig even bigger than back home. I looked down at my schedule, I had English one with Mrs. Tomson in room three twelve. When I looked up I saw that the door on my right said one twenty-five so I kept walking. Suddenly I fept my ass get smacked. I whipped around to see a white guy tall blue eyes surrounded by five lack guys.

"damn girl you have to watch were your going my hand is an ass magnet." I white guy said. Oh great I stupid joke how lame can he be. I decided to play a little game right back at him. I smiled and walked up to him. He still smiling bent down expecting me to kiss him when instead I flung my hand out and grabbed his package. He shrieked " how do you like your personal space invaded?" I asked in his ear. He let out another scream and people were starting to watch.

"I don't exoect you to do something to me what you don't want back." I said letting go and he fell to the ground.

"damn tyron got beat by a newbie and girl at that." Someone said behind me. Oh god not more im not in the mood for this. I turned around expecting to see another white guy trying t get me to sleep with them but was I wrong. It was the guy from the plane but this time I got a better look at him. He was tall and muscular he had chocolate brown eyes that could wrap your heart up and hold it there.

"what do you want the same fait as your friend or can I go in peace?" I said smirking.

"naw, I aint his friend I got my own crew." He said pointing to the guys behind him.

"then let me go because im not I the mood to be plucking any more balls today." I said pushing him out of the way.

I watched her walk away. I don't know but something about her seemed mysterious and with that black eye she must have been expelled for fighting or something like that.

"Damon we have to go the bells going to ring." Rex said.

I looked back at tyron who was still on the floor holding himself. I smirked she does have a personality not many people would stand up to him like that but then again she doesn't know his reputation. I sighed and walked off to English the only class that I had without any of my crew.

"Mr. sermon nice of you to join us." Mrs. Tomson said pointing to my set. "class we have a new student. Come on up here." That girl from the plane walked up from right next to me to the front of the class. "now please state your name were you live before this and something about you." The teacher said

"umm ok… my name Is sam truckin I live In California and I don't want to be here right now. Is that good enough." Sam said walking back to her sit and opening her book. The teacher got up and started talking about something but the only thing I could concentrate on was Sam. She was different from the other girls. She didn't care weather you were popular or not she just played it safe I guess, but that bruised eye why did it look so clear.

"hey!" she said snapping my out of my trance.

"yeah" I said

"stop looking at my eye." She said and turned toward the window so I couldn't see it anymore. And all to soon the class was over.